NFL Rumors: Antonio Brown Employing An Odd Strategy To Get The Patriots To Take Him Back

Antonio Brown seems to have an odd strategy to get the New England Patriots to take him back.

The now-free agent wide receiver is reportedly planning an aggressive bid to get his guaranteed money from the Patriots after the team released him earlier this season. As Brown files an official grievance, he has also offered what appears to be an out for the Patriots by taking him back on the team, Pro Football Talk noted.

"They still gotta pay me," Brown said, which seemed to be a prediction that he would win his grievance with the league and recoup the guaranteed money the Patriots pulled back. "They might as well let me earn it," he added.

Brown was released amid a series of sexual misconduct allegations and reports that he sent an intimidating text message to one of the accusers --- a text that was reportedly sent while Brown was actually inside the Patriots team facilities.

Even if the New England Patriots do change course and bring Antonio Brown back, he may not see the field. The NFL has continued its investigation of the sexual misconduct claims against Brown, which include allegations from his former personal trainer that Brown forcibly raped her. Brown could still face the possibility of fines or a suspension, which would not be served until he is signed by another team.

It seems more likely that Antonio Brown will be opposing the Patriots instead of playing for them. As The Inquisitr reported, Brown filed official grievances against both the Oakland Raiders and New England Patriots, seeking the guaranteed money that both teams rescinded when he was released.

Brown is expected to have a difficult time recouping the money, the report claimed.

"His appeal, seeking to recoup roughly $40 million in unpaid salary, fines and voided guarantees, likely won't be heard by the system arbitrator until the spring, sources say. It figures to be a major uphill battle to recoup the entire sum," the report noted.

But he still plans to take an aggressive strategy. As New York Post had reported, Brown is ready to "wage war" against the franchises as he seeks the league to order them to reinstate his lost money. Brown is also appealing the series of fines he incurred during his short and troubled time with the Oakland Raiders, which included a verbal confrontation with general manager Mike Mayock and a series of outbursts on social media that culminated with Brown taking to Instagram to ask for his release from the team.