'The Walking Dead' Spinoff Series: New Trailer Drops Showing Reason Why New Characters Leave Safety

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, AMC has recently released some images for their upcoming Walking Dead spinoff series. Currently still unnamed, it is known that this series will take place approximately 10 years after the initial outbreak and will feature characters that have grown up mostly in the safety of a sheltered community and do not remember the time before the zombie apocalypse. Now, AMC has released a trailer that shows more details about this new group of people.

As Forbes points out, while this new Walking Dead spinoff series is billed as having characters that do not know of life before the apocalypse, the trailer reveals that these characters are actually old enough to have been born prior to the initial outbreak. However, they have lived considerably sheltered lives and, along with the fact that they would have been young during the beginning of the end, have likely forgotten how dangerous life on the outside can be.

The new trailer, which was released during New York Comic-Con, also gives a reason as to why these new characters would leave their sheltered lives and head outside among the undead. During the clip, Hope (Alexa Mansour) reveals the fact that her father has left their community, which is billed as having 9,671 members. While he is believed to be forging the way forward for their community, the notion that he is potentially in trouble is also raised. A small group of youths then gathers and decides to sneak out from their community.

Zombies featured in AMC's upcoming 'Walking Dead' spinoff series
AMC | Sarah Shatz

During the clip, the outside world is shown and it is revealed as a beautiful but desolate wasteland. Moss is growing on everything and the undead seems to be less of a threat than previously seen in The Walking Dead and AMC's companion series, Fear the Walking Dead. However, viewers of both these series will know by now that nothing is ever as it seems in this universe and it is likely going to be a hard lesson learned for this new group.

As Forbes also points out, this new Walking Dead series appears to be gearing itself towards a slightly different demographic than previously sought with the other Walking Dead series. With the younger characters, it appears that AMC will be aiming to draw in new fans together with those already committed to the Walking Dead universe.

You can view the new clip for the upcoming Walking Dead spinoff series below.

Until the latest spinoff series drops in 2020, viewers can tune in to Season 10 of The Walking Dead, which is currently airing every Sunday night on AMC.