Dennis Rodman Plans Meeting With The New Pope

Dennis Rodman is planning a meeting with the Vatican’s next pope. Fresh off a visit with best buddy and North Korea dictator Kim Jong-Un, the former NBA all-star has announced plans to meet with the Catholic church’s most powerful member.

Rodman reveals to TMZ that his “people” have already reached out to their contacts in Rome. According to the former Chicago Bulls defensive player, he would like a personal sit down with his holiness.

The b-baller is so convinced that he will receive his meeting with the next Pope that he is hopping on a jet today and flying to Rome.

While the church’s Cardinals will cast their votes for the new Pope on Tuesday, various observers note that a confirmation on the first round of voting is unlikely.

If the church’s new Pope is named today, the confirmation would arrive hours before Rodman even landed in Rome for a potential meeting.

Rodman’s recent political turn has definitely gone to his head. He says of his decision to fly off to Rome: “I want to be anywhere in the world that I’m needed … I want to spread a message of peace and love throughout the world.”

Dennis Rodman is still operating under the delusion that his North Korea visit “broke barriers” that nobody else has managed to traverse.

Rodman came under fire after he called Kim Jong-Un a “great leader” for the people of North Korea. Rodman later apologized after he was educated about North Korea’s horrid human rights violations. Despite his moment of education, Dennis Rodman still plans to revisit North Korea to etch out a peace deal with Kim Jong-Un.

Do you think the next Pope will be willing to meet with Dennis Rodman, or is this all an elaborate cry for attention from the former NBA superstar?