October 9, 2019
Victoria's Secret Angel Elsa Hosk Seduces Instagram With A Sizzling Bathroom Photoshoot

Victoria's Secret Angel Elsa Hosk has spent quite a bit of time in Europe lately. The blond bombshell jetted off to Milan for a while, before eventually heading to Paris. She has been keeping her Instagram followers updated by sharing countless selfies of herself in France, from pictures of her food and the stunning Parisian architecture around her to selfies and shots of her incredible outfits.

Hosk has rocked a wide variety of looks while in the fashion capital, from snakeskin pants to voluminous pantsuits. Just a few days ago, the star shared a snap of herself in a vibrant green, ribbed turtleneck with no bra underneath and form-fitting purple pants to complete the ensemble.

The beauty took several selfies on the streets of Paris, but in her most recent Instagram update, she headed back indoors to share two sizzling shots she took while rocking a scandalously short mini dress.

In the first snap, Hosk perched on a bathroom counter and backed herself into a corner. She sat at a spot where two huge mirrors intersected, which meant that reflections of the model were visible on either side of her actual body. She rocked a form-fitting mini dress that showcased her long, lean legs, and hugged every inch of her curves. Her blond hair was down and straight, and she had minimal makeup on. She stared straight at the camera with her lips slightly parted in the first snap, giving the shot a seductive vibe.

In the second shot, Hosk took things to a whole new level. She stayed perched on the counter but switched up her pose by leaning to the side a bit. The position showcased even more of her long legs, and the way her body was placed nearly made the shot NSFW as fans could almost peek up her skirt. The mini dress once again clung to her curves, and her stiletto heels were visible in the snap. Fans also got a sneak peek at what went into the photo, as a man with a t-shirt is spotted in the reflection of the mirror, taking Hosk's picture.

Her followers couldn't get enough of the seductive impromptu photoshoot, and the post received over 188,000 likes within just one day. Many of her followers simply left a string of emoji in the comments section, but a few left compliments for the Angel.

"OMG what a beauty... Love these pics," one fan said.

Another commented on the reflections in the pictures, and said, "I like that you have two twin sisters."

"So stunning," another fan added.

One fan told Hosk "I want to be you."