October 9, 2019
Australian Hottie Emily Sears Shows Off Her Banging Bikini Body In Bright Orange Two-Piece

Emily Sears calls herself "a feminist in underpants," but on Wednesday she ditched the underpants for a skimpy little bikini during a relaxing beach outing.

The Australian beauty looked stunning as she flaunted her flawless figure for her nearly 5 million Instagram followers to enjoy, and enjoy the photo they did. The snap earned Emily over 12,000 likes and 200 comments in the first two hours after it was posted, leaving fans gushing over the model.

In the photo, Emily is seen sitting on the beach in front of the ocean as she wore a tiny orange bikini. The skimpy top flaunted Sears' ample cleavage and toned arms while the thong bottoms left very little to the imagination, showing off her curvy booty, lean legs, flat tummy, and impressive abs.

Emily's long, blonde hair was soaking wet and pushed back behind her head to fall down her back. She accessorized her beach look with a pair of gold earrings and a matching gold ring on her finger. She also held a fruity drink in her hand as she stared off with her head turned away from the camera.

Sears rocked a full face of makeup in the post, which included darkened eyebrows, long lashes, pink blush on her cheeks, and a nude lip.

Fans looking to find out more information about Emily may head over to her official website, where she dives into her message, revealing that she's more than just a bikini model who likes to hide and drink lattes. She's actually very passionate about women's rights and promoting positive body image.

"As a social media influencer, she encourages conversation via the content she creates. Emily shares body positive images with millions of followers and supports others to have the confidence to seek out healthy relationships. Through her efforts, she's witnessed a ripple effect of kindness and self-acceptance in her interactions with others," Sears' bio reads.

"Social media empowers women to represent themselves how they want, as opposed to what industries may demand. These avenues have proven that every body type is beautiful. As a curvy model, Emily has been able to redirect her career with the power of social," the website added, revealing that Emily is humbled to be able to influence others with her social media posts.

Meanwhile, fans can keep up with Emily Sears by following the smoking hot Aussie model on her social media account, which she updates on the regular.