October 9, 2019
Demi Rose Swings On A Rope In Open Bathrobe On Instagram

Demi Rose had a ton of fun today. The British model and social media sensation doesn't share too many action-packed snaps via the permanent posts landing on her Instagram feed, but it's a whole other affair over on Demi's stories. While the 24-year-old's fans tend to get their fix of the model's fierce curves and beauty via those permanent posts, it's fair to say that a chunk of Demi's 10 million-plus Instagram followers likely pays attention to her stories, even if they vanish after 24 hours.

Earlier today, Demi took to her Instagram stories. The model was seen enjoying an indoor moment with a girlfriend, with Demi gearing up to swing on a rope. The room seemed to have a spa setting thanks to its green walls, while a chair with a teddy bear was also visible. Demi was seen in a short bathrobe as the brunette was initially filmed from behind. The British model was seen grasping onto the rope with both hands as her friend gave a countdown, eventually swinging on the rope and appearing to have a blast.

Demi did eventually turn around to face the camera with her robe briefly open, although she did use her hands to catch it and keep the video safe. Fans likely loved that Demi was smiling throughout the footage showing her face – the model does, indeed, have a beautiful smile.

Demi has had a tough time this year. The model's mother passed away over the summer as she found herself coming to terms with both the loss and having the news reported all over the media. Demi did seem to show a lot of gratitude, though, as she expressed this via her social media posts, as The Inquisitr previously reported."Giving thanks and appreciation to all that is good in my life. For the amazing people that I know, the opportunities I get given, my health and my spirit. The power is in the prayer. I'm always feeling so blessed and I wish nothing but blessings to you all," Demi captioned one of her posts.
"Be kind, inspire others and help people as much as I can. Most importantly I want to learn, grow and develop a better connection with myself. Everyday I aspire to become a better person than I was yesterday," read another quote from the model.

With no mother and no father – Demi's dad has also passed away in recent months – the model is continuing bravely. Fans wishing to see more of Demi should follow her Instagram.