Blonde Bombshell Casi Davis Flaunts Pert Booty In Curve-Hugging White Skirt

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Casi Davis, a model with a bombshell hip-to-waist ratio and 1.2 million followers on Instagram, shared a new jaw-dropping display of her hourglass figure with her fans on Wednesday.

In the photo, Casi wears a curve-hugging skirt that emphasizes the curves of her lower body. The skirt also has a slit that gives the viewer a glimpse of her toned legs. She paired the skirt with a matching racerback crop top that adds a sporty vibe to the entire outfit. She accessorized her look with strappy white sandals and a clear plastic purse.

In the comments, fans raved over the outfit and two of those comments came from models who are also Instagram famous.

“In that all white when u feelin godly,” wrote Katya Elise Henry, a stunner with 6 million followers on Instagram.

“Look at herrr,” wrote Yovanna Ventura, a Dominican model with 5.4 million followers.

But her followers who don’t have verified accounts expressed their admiration as well.

One fan compared her to a celestial being.

“This woman is a goddess they wrote,” they wrote.

“You’re so beautiful and your body is so amazing,” another commenter added.

“On fire as always,” a fourth gushed.

Casi has become known for sharing photos of her enviable glutes on Instagram and this outfit is pretty tame for her.

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Drip too hard, don’t stand too close...

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In her previous Instagram photo, she’s wearing a thong string bikini that exposes her posterior and leaves nothing to the imagination. The selfie has attracted close to 50,000 likes and more than 500 comments. Those comments are filled with lots of enthusiastic adulation for her bodacious frame as well.

One fan was so infatuated, the popped the question in the comments section.

“I love u sm Casi pls marry me,” they wrote.

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Nobody will love you more than you ever love yourself, so it’s important to treat yourself right. You should be your own biggest hype man, self-love is so important. Out of all the people on the planet, you talk to yourself the most... are you saying the right things? People come in all shapes, sizes and colors, which are all beautiful in their own unique ways. A saying I always loved is “you can be the juiciest peach in the world, and someone out there just doesn’t like peaches. Not everyone is going to love you, but you can always love yourself! And when you do, it won’t matter what everyone else thinks. The more we learn to love ourselves, flaws and all, the more we can learn to love and accept each other and appreciate the beauty in our differences. Sorry I’m not sorry for the giant cliche of a caption on a video of me lovin myself like the bad bish i am. Lol. Where my bad bishes at?! TAG a friend and let them know that they a bad bish- inside and out, flaws and all! I’m sure y’all know a lot of them cause I definitely do... Song: Bad, Bad, Bad- Young Thug

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As TMZ reported, Casi Davis has had a pretty high-profile man in her life. She was once romantically linked to superstar Portuguese soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo back in 2016. According to the article, Casi and a bunch of other girls met up with Cristiano while he was in Miami, which is where Casi is from. During the hangout, the Juventus F.C player singled her out for some affection and they were reportedly seen kissing one another. It seems to have just been a casual thing since there have been no subsequent reports of them being together.

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Hot girl summer.

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If you’re more interested in Casi’s workout and diet tips than her love life, then you’re in luck. She has a YouTube channel where she gives viewers a behind-the-scenes look at how she maintains her figure. As The Inquisitr reported, she has a video called “What I Eat In A Day” in which she explains her food regimen. According to the video, she stays away from carbs, sugar, and dairy for the majority of the week but allows herself a cheat meal.

She also revealed that she does squats to maintain her lower body shape, with weights and sometimes without. She also includes a list of other strength training workouts that you can try.

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Strapped up shawty. Wearing: @hotmiamistyles

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To see more daily fitspiration content from Casi, be sure to check out her Instagram page.