October 9, 2019
Donald Trump Rants About The Kurds Not Helping The United States In Normandy During World War II

President Donald Trump has received criticism from both Democrats and Republicans since announcing his decision to pull United States troops from northern Syria. On Wednesday, as he defended the decision that leaves the Kurds exposed to an invasion from Turkey, he shared some thoughts that are raising a lot of eyebrows.

As The Inquisitr previously detailed, even Trump ally Senator Lindsey Graham has criticized the president's decision to leave the Kurds exposed. Experts have voiced concerns that the Kurds, who until now had been supported by U.S. troops in the battle in northern Syria, could be in grave danger as Turkey starts to move into the area.

In addition, the move likely leaves thousands of imprisoned ISIS members unattended and this could provide a major opportunity for them to regroup and begin fresh attacks.

Now, the president seems to be doing his best to defend his decision to pull U.S. support from the Kurds. At one point, during remarks he made on-camera on Wednesday, Trump noted that the Kurds didn't help the U.S. during World War II and that this seemingly was a valid excuse to pull help from them now.

The Daily Beast shares that during one portion of Trump's remarks, he referenced an article that he thought had done an excellent job of addressing this problem.

Trump noted that the Kurds are fighting for their land and that this fight had been going on for many years. The president also included some comments that seem to be taken out of context when compared to the original article.
"They didn't help us in the Second World War, they didn't help us with Normandy, as an example, they mention names of different battles... but they're there to help us with their land."
It appears that Trump was referencing an opinion piece by Kurt Schlichter posted via Townhall earlier this week.
"The Kurds helped destroy ISIS, true. It's also true that the Kurds would have fought ISIS anyway, since the psycho caliphate was right next door. Let's be honest – the Kurds didn't show up for us at Normandy or Inchon or Khe Sanh or Kandahar. The Syrian Kurds allied with us in their homeland because we shared a common interest in wiping out the head-lopping freak show that was ISIS."
In reading the specific wording from Schlichter, it's clear that he was not saying that the Kurds should have helped the U.S. at Normandy in World War II and chose not to do so. However, that certainly seemed to be how the president interpreted that phrasing.

The problem with this stance of Trump's is that World War II had nothing to do with the Kurds. Those who know the history of Normandy and the war know that the region was in an entirely different state than it is now with completely different dynamics.

President Donald Trump insists that he stands by his decision to pull the U.S. troops and leave the Kurds on their own. He has shared a number of arguments to support his decision, but it looks like this idea that it's fine to leave the Kurds because they didn't help the U.S. in World War II isn't hitting the note he intended.