October 9, 2019
WWE Rumors: Plenty Of Surprises Being Planned For This Week's Superstar Draft

The next WWE Superstar Draft is scheduled to begin at the end of this week on Friday Night SmackDown and conclude on Monday Night Raw. The announced teams have already been moved all around the different brands, but superstars are about to find themselves wrestling on new nights. When it comes to this year's draft, WWE is doing whatever is possible to keep things a secret, and they're planning a lot of surprises for everyone.

The Superstar Draft is a way of truly shaking things up and moving superstars around to provide fresh starts and new match-ups. It's even possible that championships may be moved from one brand to another with title-holders taking their belts and heading to red or blue.

While there have been plenty of rumors swirling around as to who may end up on which show, nothing has really been confirmed as of yet. As a matter of fact, the speculation going around now is that WWE is looking to keep everyone in dark until the moves are actually announced on television.

According to Fightful Select, by way of Ringside News, not even the superstars know if or where they will be moving in the draft. It is very possible that a superstar may not know they're going from SmackDown to Raw or Raw to SmackDown until this Friday or Monday night.

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Fightful states that they have spoken to a number of superstars on the main roster and they simply do not know which brand they will be on once the draft is over. This is the way things have also been in the past for other drafts, but some things usually end up leaking out.

For 2019, there have been some rumors about Bray Wyatt and Alexa Bliss and a few others, but nothing that seems set in stone. This will actually make things more exciting on Friday and Monday as superstar reactions will be legitimate and real when their names are called.

The WWE Superstar Draft officially begins on Friday Night SmackDown on October 11, 2019. The draft is going to take the weekend off and will conclude with the second half of selections on Monday Night Raw on October 14, 2019.

Triple H has said that NXT is not going to be a part of this particular draft, but it is possible they are included in the future. For now, the next Superstar Draft is going to consist of the main two brands with plenty of surprise movements taking place on Friday and Monday. Be prepared for a different looking WWE as things are going to be shaken up a lot in the next week.