October 9, 2019
WWE Rumors: Brock Lesnar Calls The Shots Over Vince McMahon When It Comes To His Booking

It's never been a secret that some wrestlers hold more creative control due to their status in the industry. Being a major draw offers plenty of perks for Brock Lesnar, as he competes on a favorable schedule throughout the year. He's been involved in the main event scene since his arrival in the WWE, and he tends to feature in the company's most significant storylines.

Lesnar has had a remarkable second stint in the WWE despite being a part-time performer. Not only has he been a five-time WWE World Champion during that span, but he also put an end to The Undertaker's undefeated streak at WrestleMania XXX. As one of the top stars of the 2000s, it's only natural that his image is heavily protected in the WWE. More often than not, Lesnar is convincingly beating his opponents regardless of the stipulations.

"Whether he's a babyface or a heel, Brock's only going so far for the team. Brock's not gonna like... when it comes to Brock and Vince, people hate this, but when it comes to Brock and Vince — Brock is the one who calls the shots, not Vince and Brock can get away with anything and people hate hearing that. In the end, it's still Vince's company, but Brock isn't doing anything that Brock doesn't want to do. Every program, when he loses he wants to lose... every program, that's just how it is you know it's an interesting thing," said Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio, per Ringside News.

On Friday Night SmackDown, Lesnar defeated Kofi Kingston within seconds after the bell rang to become the new WWE Universal Champion, as reported by The Inquisitr. Some fans understood the company's decision behind the title switch, although they questioned the manner in which Kingston lost the title. It has prompted further discussion regarding Lesnar's creative control in the WWE, which appears to be at an all-time high, based on the latest remarks by Meltzer.

To this day, Vince McMahon still makes the final call when it comes to booking most events. Very few superstars have a say in match outcomes, but Lesnar seems to have been granted preferential treatment. For instance, he agreed to lose an 86-second match to Goldberg at Survivor Series in 2016. Otherwise, it's unlikely that the main event would have played out as it did.

Some WWE fans may not be fond of Lesnar possessing creative control, but the trend is likely to persist as long as he remains a huge draw.