Cosplay Model Liz Katz Flaunts Major Cleavage In Tropical Leaf-Print Bikini

Liz Katz has made a name for herself by being an expert cosplayer. Her Instagram page is full of photos of amazing costumes for her 885,000 followers to enjoy. On Tuesday, the stunner drove fans wild by dressing as a sexy version of Izuku Midoriya, the main character from the popular manga and anime series My Hero Academia.

With that being said, Liz has proven time and again that she doesn't need to dress up as a scantily clad manga character to turn heads. On Wednesday, the 31-year-old shared a series of sexy selfies to her Instagram page, which were taken in Florida.

In the first photo, Liz posed while sitting on outdoor furniture. She flaunted her flawless figure in a tropical leaf-print bikini, which left little to the imagination. The bombshell's ample cleavage and toned abs were on full display. Liz paired the beachy look with oversized sunglasses and opted to forgo makeup, allowing her natural beauty to shine.

The second picture showed Liz in a beige-walled room, wearing glasses and a low-cut tank top. The beauty's long, blond locks looked windblown.

In the caption, Liz wrote that she was unhappy with how her hair was reacting to Florida's humidity.

However, fans asserted that she looked great -- even if her hair was slightly frizzy.


"It's an attractive messy," commented one follower.

"It doesn't matter bc you're ridiculously beautiful and amazing," said another fan, adding a string of heart emoji to the comment.

"Hey some of us think that your frizzy hair is quite sexy," added a different user.

"Love the wild look," chimed in a fourth Instagram user.

The post seems to be a fan favorite, as it has already racked up more than 22,000 likes.

While she undoubtedly looks wonderful in pedestrian clothing, Liz does make a living off of wearing ornate costumes. In 2015, the beauty sat down with Impulse Gamer to discuss her love of cosplaying and how she was able to turn her passion into a lucrative career.


Liz, who is a streamer on Twitch, also opened up about not being the most "family friendly" gamer on the platform.

"I'm not a family friendly person online. Most of YouTube is not family friendly either. Kids should not be left unattended to surf the web. End of discussion on that," explained the stunner. "I rate my current content PG-13. Also keep in mind the amount of terrible and profane things others say… Rarely does a curse word pass through my lips unless it is for comedy and then I usually bleep it."


To see more of Liz, be sure to check out her Instagram account.