Snooki Says Her Partying Days Are Over

Snooki says her wild partying days are over. The former Jersey Shore star told Matt Lauer that she has been partying forever and motherhood now takes precedence. The Today show host looked a bit uncomfortable when discussing the reality show star’s concerns over “sagging boobs” and her mommy pouch.

Nicole Polizzi was very excited about Lorenzo receiving his Social Security card, she stated the he is “officially a human” and is even “like a person” now. Snooki also discussed how she lost 42-pounds after she gave birth to Lorenzo. She lost about 20 pounds during breast feeding and then began working out and eating a healthier diet.

The former Jersey Shore star reportedly cut her food intake down to 1,300 calories per day and laid off the junk food she loved tossing back before her pregnancy. She worked with personal trainer pal Anthony to get into shape and ate “express meals.”

Snooki’s drinking habits have also reportedly changed drastically. She noted that she does not really miss partying and is really “into” her family right now. The former Jersey Shore star maintains that she really does not drink anymore, but when she does, she gets drunk after just three sips. Snooki will not totally disappear from the social scene, she noted she enjoys going out with her girlfriends for a glass of wine.

Nicole Polizzi is very happy with her new body, but plans on getting some work done once she is done having children. Snooki’s breasts are apparently the reality show’s star pressing concern. She told Matt Lauer that they look alright in a bar, but when her mom boobs are set free, there is simply too much floppiness going on for the young woman to tolerate.

The Jersey Shore star still want to tone her legs more, but feels she has a much healthier body image now. Baby Lorenzo is now 6-months old. When Snooki is not busy hitting the gym or caring for the baby, she is planning her upcoming wedding.

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What do you think about the new Snooki and her plans to leave partying behind?