October 9, 2019
'Boy Meets World' Star Maitland Ward Gets Soaking Wet In Racy Shower Selfie

Maitland Ward is giving fans a look at her early morning routine, and the former Boy Meets World star didn't hold anything back as she snapped a photo of herself fresh out of the shower for her nearly 800,000 Instagram followers to enjoy.

In the sexy selfie, Maitland is seen soaking wet as she stands in nothing but a towel in her bathroom. The shower can be seen behind her as she stares into the camera exposing her massive cleavage for all to see. The towel can hardly cover her bare chest while she also shows off her toned arms.

Ward's long red hair is in straight, wet strands and slicked back behind her head. She is also fresh-faced with a pink tone to her cheeks and nude lips for the NSFW photo. In the caption of the post she reveals that she's an early riser and asks her fans if they like to wake up early in the mornings as well.

However, Ward's followers seemingly weren't concerned with reading the caption of the post, as the actress's eye-popping cleavage stole the spotlight in the photo — which earned almost 12,000 likes and nearly 400 comments in the first 40 minutes after it was posted.

"So naturally beautiful," one of Maitland's social media followers wrote in the comment section of the photo.

"BARBIE DOLL," another adoring fan stated.

"You look absolutely stunning," a third comment read.

"Pretty face," another follower gushed.

Many fans may remember Maitland for her days as Rachel McGuire on ABC's hit teen comedy series, Boy Meets World. On the show, the actress played a girl next door character who became roommates with Cory's older brother, Eric Matthews (Will Friedle) and Shawn's big brother, Jack Hunter (Matthew Lawrence). The trio delivered the laughs with their hilarious high jinks and obvious sexual tension.

Ward joined the cast during Season 6 when the gang was older and stayed through the series finale, which aired in May 2000.

Later when the series was rebooted as Girl Meets World for The Disney Channel, many of the former characters stopped by to make cameo appearances, but Rachel was not one of those characters. However, she was mentioned in an episode where Jack and Eric reunite after losing touch for many years.

Currently, Maitland is known of her cosplay looks, and recently dived into the adult entertainment world with her brand-new film.

"I've been opened up to so many more opportunities because I do this. I think I would be limited if I stuck in just a certain typecast situation," Ward told TMZ of her career jump.

"I am who I am. I am a sexual actress, person who just wants to show the world everything and I don't care. It's authentically me," she added per Fox News.

Meanwhile, fans can see more of Maitland Ward by following her on her Instagram account.