October 9, 2019
Kate Middleton Stuns In A See-Through Top

Kate Middleton has delivered another stunning look. The Duchess of Cambridge was photographed by The Daily Mail recently as she visited the Natural History Museum in London, U.K. Snaps showed the 37-year-old looking her usual, fabulous self. Of course, outfits worn by royals tend to be conservative, with Kate's look appearing to follow protocol. A little sheer detailing on Kate's top may have caught the eye, though.

Photos showed Kate outdoors and looking just perfect for fall. The wife of Prince William was showcasing her new and lighter locks, with an ensemble that seemed to offset the blonde streaks just perfectly. Kate was photographed in a high-waisted and olive-colored pair of loose pants, with a deep purple and long-sleeved top that matched a small handbag. The clingy top was opaque below the bust, but woven details above the chest and on the sleeves afforded a sheer feel. Kate's skin was visible through the clothing.

Kate was photographed from various angles as she approached the museum, revealing that she rocked high heels with the look. Of course, the shoes matched outfit. Kate appeared discreetly made up with a little blush and jewel earrings. She also flashed a beautiful smile.

Kate's lighter locks have been making headlines. This royal is known for her raven-colored hair, although it looks like Kate was in the mood to keep the summer feel alive as the winter months approach. As The Daily Mail reports, celebrity stylist James Johnson spoke about Kate's new hairdo.

"It's a much warmer style, more stylish and suited for the cold seasons," he said.

"These soft lighter pieces help frame her face, keeps the warmth in these colder approaching months," the stylist added.

Kate has been chased by the paparazzi ever since she tied the knot with Prince William back in 2011. The wedding proved one of the most viewed ever as viewers from across the globe tuned in to watch the couple walk down the aisle, although these nuptials proved a drop in the ocean compared to the views for Meghan Markle's wedding to Prince Harry. There does, indeed, seem to be a major fascination with the royals: for Meghan and Harry, this may well stem from the fact that Meghan is American and herself a former Hollywood star.

Kate and William are parents to three children. Kate and Meghan both made headlines together earlier this year for a tennis outing, as The Inquisitr reported. Fans wishing to see more of the Royal Family should follow Kensington Palace's Instagram account.