October 9, 2019
'Playboy' Model Rachel Cook Flaunts Her Insane Abs & Stunning Bikini Body With Tantalizing Instagram Snap

Playboy model Rachel Cook is raising heart rates among her Instagram followers once again. The 24-year-old American model has a reputation for generating a stir while flaunting her figure in a bikini and that is definitely the case with the new photo she shared on Wednesday morning.

Cook has done quite a bit of bikini modeling, and she knows all the right angles to use to showcase her curves while wearing an enticing ensemble. In her new Instagram post, Cook joked about how sometimes one simply needs long sleeves with their bikini.

Indeed, Rachel's latest bikini look did involve a long-sleeved piece. However, it is probably safe to say that not all that many people were paying attention to that aspect of the photo.

The bold print bikini consisted of a tiny bandeau top with what appeared to be a separate piece consisting of the long-sleeved component of the bathing suit. The teeny bikini bottoms sat very low on Rachel's hips, and the overall look definitely gave off a sultry vibe.

Rachel went with a very subdued makeup look for this photoshoot. Cook had both of her arms raised as she held her long, brunette hair away from her face. The gorgeous model stood with one hip cocked in front of a concrete wall as she gazed seductively toward the camera.

The Playboy model's stance didn't show off much in the way of cleavage. However, Cook's fans were given the opportunity to appreciate her lean legs, curvy hips, and taut tummy. Rachel's Instagram followers were quick to react to this sexy look.

Cook has 2.5 million people following her on the popular social media site, and within three hours, more than 90,000 people had liked this new post. In addition to that, more than 650 comments were posted as people went crazy over Rachel's insane physique.

"OMG!! You look incredibly gorgeous in that bikini!!!" shared one of the Playboy model's fans.

"Instagram's finest," noted another follower.

"I've never said this to anyone I didn't know.. but, f*ck you're hot!" praised another impressed supporter.

As The Inquisitr recently detailed, Cook has been flaunting a number of flirty looks from recent photoshoots over the past week or two. She channeled Charlie's Angels with a tube top and Farrah Fawcett hairstyle for one project, and it looks as if this unique bikini is the focus of another gig.

Rachel Cook's 2.5 million followers seem to love everything she wears, no matter how sexy or simple it is. This new post is quickly gaining traction and a lot of love, and it looks as if it is well on its way to becoming one of the Playboy model's most popular.