October 9, 2019
'World's Sexiest DJ' Nata Lee Gets Steamy In A Hot Tub In Just A Red Bikini

Though temperatures may be dropping with the onset of fall, Russian bombshell Nata Lee knows just the remedy: a steamy hot tub session with her boyfriend. The blond beauty wore a red bikini for the occasion, and fans were left with their jaws dropped thanks to the sultry picture.

The location was tagged at the Museum Hotel in Cappadocia, Turkey. The town is known for its hot air balloons and is just another luxurious locale in the jet-setting life of the couple. The two were also recently in Paris and in the Maldives. Moreover, their home base is glamorous as well, as Nata Lee DJs in club The View located in Phuket, Thailand.

Fans will certainly understand from this picture why Nata Lee has been called the "world's hottest DJ," as she sends pulses racing. In the photo, posted on her boyfriend's account, she is waist-deep in water, with bubbles lapping around her torso. Her cleavage is on full display in her red triangle bikini, and the top hugs her curves in the most flattering of ways.

She is playing with her hair, perhaps about to tie it up into a ponytail to avoid the water. Behind her are a number of romantic lit candles. Meanwhile, boyfriend, photographer, and model agency founder Aleksandr Mavrin enjoys his stunning view with a glass of champagne.

The picture earned nearly 7,000 likes and a little over 20 comments.

"And I'll bring enough Godiva chocolate for all!" one fan joked.

"You are a LEGEND," gushed another.

Others simply demonstrated their thoughts with emoji, like the fire or heart-eyes face.

Fans are no doubt delighted that pictures can be found of the blond beauty both on her own Instagram account and her boyfriend's.

Though pictures of the pair are obviously red-hot, many of them feature sweet scenes, such as watching HBO hit Game of Thrones or playing card games together.

Though Nata Lee has a fantastic career as a DJ, her modeling one has only been getting more and more traction thanks to such amazing photos. Her Instagram following is already at 1.8 million fans and is likely only going to keep growing. Mavrin himself also has a strong fandom of 545,000 followers.

Other recent updates that recently made fans go wild include one where she wore a white bikini and kept the string playfully in her mouth as well as another where she nearly burst out of a little black dress, as covered by The Inquisitr.