‘Miss Iron Bum’ Bakhar Nabieva Shows Off In A Thong In Post-Workout Selfie

Bakhar NabievaInstagram

Bakhar Nabieva spent some quality time in the gym, then gave her a fans a glimpse of the results.

The fitness model shared a racy video of herself in the gym, bending over to show off why she earned the nickname “Miss Iron Bum.” The video was a huge hit, and so was the Instagram selfie that came just a few hours later, showing Nabieva wearing a thong and showing off the fruits of her labor.

The picture went over very well with the fitness model’s fans, attracting plenty of likes and compliments for her rock-hard physique.

“Awesomely awesomeness,” one fan commented.

“10/10,” another judged.

Nabieva has used her eye-popping muscles and her penchant for sharing racy images to build an enormous fan base. She now has more than 2.6 million followers and garners regular attention from fitness websites and men’s magazines for her physique.

But the look didn’t come overnight. In an interview with Female Muscle, the Ukrainian model shared that she was once so skinny, she was picked on by her peers. She then started going to the gym, though admitted she didn’t really know her way around at first.

“I did not know what to do, did not count the reps and sets, doing squats every day, had no idea how to build an exercise routine correctly,” she shared.

Nabieva also shared that she gained a laser focus on getting into shape and started getting into bodybuilding magazines to learn the correct routines. Once she started to see the results, she was hooked.

“One day I woke up and looked in the mirror and I saw some muscles, once I saw the result of developing muscles nothing could stop me,” she said.

Nabieva has made a name for herself on Instagram, becoming one of the world’s most popular fitness models and connecting with a number of top workout wear and fitness supplement companies to pitch their products to her enormous following. She earned the nickname “Miss Iron Bum,” and frequently gives fans a glimpse of the namesake.

The fitness model said that she has no desire to actually get into competitive bodybuilding right now, instead remaining focused on looking great and avoiding the very restrictive diet that comes with the competitive realm of bodybuilding.

That doesn’t mean her workouts get any easier, however. Nabieva frequently shares video and pictures of her iron-pumping routines, showing fans the enormous amount of time spent in the gym to keep herself looking so chiseled.

Those who want to see more from Nabieva can check out her Instagram page.