George H.W. Bush Letters Read By Family And Friends

George H.W. Bush’s letters reveal how the former president felt throughout his lifetime. The letters encompass personal milestones, time spent fighting for freedom during World War II, and professional accomplishments.

Videos of family and friends reading George Bush’s letters reveal the emotional impact the handwritten missives still brings to those the former president holds dear.

All the Best, George Bush: My Life in Letters and Other Writings includes love letters sent his wife Barbara and political notes to royalty. Granddaughter Jenna Bush Hager chatted with folks on the receiving end of the letters from America’s 41st president on the Today show.

Former first lady Barbara Bush read aloud from a letter George H.W. Bush sent her over four decades ago. The love letter begins with, “Let’s see Bar, 42 years ago this minute I was a nervous wreck.” The wedding anniversary letter goes on to detail what a happy and grateful man he was, going so far as to call himself the luckiest guy in the entire world.

The letter read by the former first lady also addressed how fortunate the couple was at that very moment to have a lot of friends, no real enemies, and a quiet faith that spurred their strength.

The old George H.W. Bush love letter recalls that, while the happy couple did not have any real enemies, there were some who weren’t “exactly rooting hard” hard for them. The letters showcase both the former president’s loving and humorous side.

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Since the release of the letters and the readings, many have marveled at the dedication George Bush felt toward the old-fashioned art of letter writing. As the number of letters still safely tucked away in a drawer indicate, the time the former president spent with pen in hand was not wasted. The words handwritten on the page must surely have touched a chord to have been kept for so long by so many.

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The George H.W. Bush letters also offers insight into friendships which by some may have been considered unlikely. Former President Bill Clinton also read aloud from a George Bush letter during the Today segment with Jenna Bush Hager.

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An excerpt from the letter between the two men who both held the Oval Office reads:

“The politics between now and two years from now might put pressure on our friendship, but it is my view that it will survive. In any event, I have genuinely enjoyed working with you.”

All the proceeds from All the Best, George Bush: My Life in Letters and Other Writings will benefit students at the Bush School of Governmet and Public Services at Texas A&M University. The students were reportedly so inspired by the letters that they chose to honor the former president in a very modern way – with a flash mob. When asked about what he thought of the student flash mob, George H.W. Bush replied that it was the best he had ever seen – it was also his first.

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