October 9, 2019
Pauline Tantot Gets Cheeky In Black Thong & Poses By A Window

It wasn't long ago when Pauline Tantot tantalized her Instagram fans with a photo of herself rocking a small top, revealing her underboob. And since then, she's been sharing photos that showcase her booty.

This was the case a couple of days ago when the model shared a series of three photos. The first photo showed her leaning against a black railing, as she stood by an open window.

Pauline wore a black lingerie set along with a short-sleeved cropped shirt. She wore her hair down in a middle part and pursed her lips for the shot.

The second photo showed Tantot from behind, as she turned around and leaned forward slightly. This meant that her derriere was on full display, as she only wore a small thong.

The third photo, on the other hand, was the exact same frame as the second photo, but the model was nowhere in sight.

This photo series has garnered over 238,000 likes so far. Fans raved about the model's looks in the comments section.

"Why I don't have neighbor like you. You're incredibly beautiful and so radiant @popstantot," said a fan.

"Happy Sunday Pauline. What a great view from that balcony," said another fan.

"You just turn around and get likes," joked a follower.

In addition, some people joked about the final photo of the set.

"Where did u go? Come back," said a follower.

"Third pic looks more like my girl," said another follower.

Tantot seemingly kept the theme rolling with her newest update, which was all about her booty. This time, she was photographed laying on a bed. She lay on her stomach, and propped herself up with her arms as she looked at her phone.

Pauline wore another thong, along with an oversized, long-sleeved top. The model wasn't alone in the photo, however, as a large brown dog was seen looking straight at the camera.

This photo received over 163,000 likes.

It seems like Pauline is all about the dog lately, as she shared another photo three days ago. This time, the dog could be seen giving the model a kiss as she gave a serious look.

The model placed her right hand by her ear, revealing her black nail polish and multiple tattoos. This included a butterfly on her hand, along with a simple heart on her forearm.

Prior to this, Pauline shared many photos from Paris, France. So these updates with the dog may indicate that she's back home from traveling. Fans can hope for more flirty updates in the coming days.