Aubrey O'Day Exposes Chest In Barely-There Bikini Top

Aubrey O'Day has been sharing plenty of revealing photos lately, including an update wherein she showed off her hourglass figure. But she seemingly took things a step further with one of her newer Instagram posts, one which showed her rocking a barely-there bikini top. Unfortunately, the model has since made her account private, barring access to said image.

The top was so small, in fact, that it was comprised only of underwire and a thick, beaded strip of fabric. The beading was elaborate and featured a floral design. The fabric clung to her curves and left her chest -- including some underboob -- on full display. The top also featured a halter-like strap with more beading and hardware.

Meanwhile, the bottoms were just as revealing, comprised of similar beading as the top. O'Day seemingly wore a pair of nude bottoms with sparkling accents underneath the bikini bottoms.

But that wasn't the only thing that was eye-catching about Aubrey's ensemble, as she also rocked unconventional makeup. This application included jewels that she used to decorate her eyebrows, which made them pop. Aubrey also wore her hair up in a high bun, pursing her lips while sporting glossy lipstick.

The model also appeared to be leaning against a rock formation, although the backdrop may have been digitally altered. There were abstract shapes, along with a drawing of a woman diving into a pool headfirst.

Aubrey placed her right hand on top of her head while putting her left hand on the rock.

The video has been watched over 159,000 times so far, with fans gushing about O'Day in the comments section. Plenty of people referred to her as a "queen."

"Aubrey 'O she makes my day' O'Day. #TheQueenLife," said a fan.

"Baby girl thank the man upstairs for dreams lol can you make my day and shout me out when ever you have time my queen....," wrote another admirer.

"Looking fine as wine you beautiful," gushed a third follower.

"Ok. You're killing me BEAUTY!! When I die I'm coming back reincarnated as @aubreyoday Always looking like the epitome of a #QUEEN Bow down!!" exclaimed another user.

Four days ago, O'Day shared another Instagram update that saw her in an orange ensemble. In this image, the bikini top she rocked was arguably too small, as some underboob peeked through. She appeared to be sitting in front of a lifeguard station, leaning against a wall while placing her right arm on top of her head.

This update has been viewed over 105,000 times.