Latina Fitness Model Ainsley Rodriguez Shows Off Her Toned Abs In A Crop Top

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As a fitness model and personal trainer, it’s no surprise that Ainsley Rodriguez has a fantastic body. Fortunately for her fans, the brunette beauty was sure to show it off, first in another Instagram workout while clad in yoga shorts and a sports bra, and later in a crop top and ripped jeans for a self-described sashimi night.

Despite her dedication to health, Ainsley has posted again and again about moderation and enjoying eating out. The sashimi night photo is just one more in a long line of pictures where she is going out to eat with friends.

It’s likely that Ainsley’s philosophy of balance has helped her earn her incredible popularity. She currently has a following of nearly 2 million fans on Instagram and has been able to build a personal training business with close to ten employees from her social media fame.

That said, no doubt another source of her following is due to her large number of sizzling shots. In Ainsley’s most recent update, she wears a cropped blue t-shirt that flaunts her washboard abs. Hugging her hips is a pair of low-waisted white jeans. The jeans have huge rips in the front, displaying much of the Latina stunner’s toned thighs.

The white of the pants also highlights her golden tan, begotten thanks to the Miami sun. The brunette beauty completed the look with a plaid shirt tied around her waist and a black clutch. Her hair is styled long and natural, and the picture is completed with a red door backdrop.

The shot earned over 37,000 likes and more than 900 comments.

“You’re the cutest thang,” gushed one follower, with a heart-eyes face and hugging emoji.

“You truly are a perfect 10,” added a second, along with a red heart.

“Oh my God,” sighed a third, with a kissing face.

It’s easy to see how Ainsley got her killer body when she posts her workouts to Instagram. In the latest, she wore a pink sports bra and black yoga shorts. The first clip shows Ainsley doing some lunges while lifting a weighted plate.

Next is a switch lunge to brawl move. The third exercise consists of Ainsley doing lunges once more, though this time with a weight in each hand, angled to engage every muscle of her arm. Last but not the least is a sideways bear crawl with jumping jack planks and shoulder taps.

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LADIES READ BELOW ???????????? . I usually refrain from filming around ‘that time of the month’ because I will literally gain anywhere from 5-8lbs of water weight and just feel hella bloated - who can relate?! ????????‍♀️ . I’ve had this video sitting in my phone and kept on hating how my thighs were rubbing together and how swollen and puffy I felt I looked????????. Now I’m just like IDGAF take it or leave it ????????‍♀️ ???????? why are we so critical of ourselves?!!! I know some people are probably rolling their eyes and I’m not here to fish for compliments. As a female I kinda just wanna let you know we ALL go through it and I too have times where I feel tired, bloated, unmotivated and ‘#notsocute’ ???? . As unappealing as sweating and working out can be around that time it’s actually the best time to do it and can also help shed some of that water! . Here’s a great workout you can do bloated or not. ????????‍♀️ ???? love you all mucho !!!! ❤️❤️❤️???????? . Slide 1: overhead walking lunges down and back Slide 2: switch lunge to brawl x 30 secs Slide 3: side bear crawl room plank jack taps x down and back * repeat 4 times ????

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The upload earned over 23,000 likes and more than 300 comments.

“Makes my day watching you work work work,” concluded a fan.

The user could watch Ainsley’s latest sizzling video compilation for even more clips of the fitness stunner.