Man Loses Penis, Testicles In Gruesome Work Accident, Sues

Kim LaCapria

A Puerto Rican man living in Florida lost both his penis and his testicles in a gruesome workplace accident, and Edgardo Toucet is now suing Spartan Staffing of Hillsborough County, Florida for the job placement that cost him his genitalia.

Toucet speaks no English, but his lawyer Mark Valen explains that the man who lost his penis and testicles in the gruesome workplace accident has suffered tremendously from the life-changing injury.

Valen says that losing his penis and testicles has been "awfully embarrassing for [Toucet]," describing the unfortunate accident with what is called a "peeling machine" a "tragic story in which the man lost his entire package and his testicles." Valen adds that his client has "had multiple injuries, and now he's required to have hormone therapy."

A courthouse newswire reported on some of Toucet's complaint in which the man explains he lost his penis and testicles after he was instructed to operate the machine -- which had injured workers before -- without proper training.

The complaint in which Toucet explains the horrifying injury and the events leading up to it states:

"On January 13, 2010, while performing work as a peeler machine helper, Toucet came into contact with the machine's spinning blade and his penis and testicles were completely severed ... Spartan was aware that on previous occasions other leased Spartan employees on temporary assignment to the Future Foam plaint were injured in prior similar accidents while operating the same peeler machine."

Toucet is suing Spartan Staffing for gross negligence, respondeat superior, and an intentional tort following the 2010 accident that caused him to lose his penis and testicles.

man loses penis and testicles

According to a Florida news blog, the complaint details several issues of negligence and danger at Future Foam, explaining: