Jinger Duggar’s Husband, Jeremy Vuolo, Promotes Kanye West’s Pastor Mentor On Twitter

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Jinger Duggar’s pastor husband, Jeremy Vuolo, recently used Twitter to draw attention to the man who is responsible for Kanye West’s spiritual transformation.

Jinger and her famous family have quite a bit in common with the Kardashians. The Duggar and Kardashian clans have both starred on reality shows for years, the many members of the families have massive social media followings, and they often have their images splashed in the pages of tabloids.

However, Jinger is the one member of the Duggar family whose life most resembles that of Kim Kardashian. She might not pose for revealing bikini selfies or sell her own line of shapewear, but she began to get a taste of Kim’s world when she moved to Los Angeles. She’s now being monitored by the paparazzi, and her fashion choices get a lot of attention. Duggar fans have slowly adjusted to seeing the new Jinger, with her skinny jeans and dyed blond hair. However, what they did not expect was for a Keeping Up with the Kardashians star to enter the Duggars’ orbit.

This is exactly what happened when Jeremy decided to mention Kim Kardashian’s husband, Kanye West, on social media. On Tuesday, Vuolo took to Twitter to encourage his followers to listen to an interview with Pastor Adam Tyson, the man serving as a Biblical mentor to the “I Am A God” rapper.

“Have you seen @kanyewest in the news recently regarding his being born again? Here’s an interview from @MastersSeminary graduate and pastor Adam Tyson who has been discipling him,” Jeremy wrote.

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The Duggar husband actually shares a connection with Tyson. Jeremy is currently attending the Masters Seminary school that he mentioned in his tweet. However, at least one Duggar fan was surprised by Jeremy’s Kanye shout-out.

“I never in a million years thought I would see Kanye West and anything affiliated with the Duggar’s in a sentence, not ever ever ever,” read one response to his tweet.

In the link to the interview that Jeremy shared, Tyson, who is the senior pastor of Placerita Bible Church, talked about how he got involved with Kanye’s Sunday Service events. He said that he had no idea who the rapper was until a young couple who was joining the church mentioned him. The husband told him that he worked for Kanye West, and Kim Kardashian had previously employed his wife as a nanny for her kids with the rapper.

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The unnamed employee of West later told Tyson that the rapper was starting to ask him questions about God that he could not answer, and he tried to encourage the pastor to set up a meeting with West. This didn’t happen, but the “Gold Digger” singer eventually showed up at one of Tyson’s sermons unannounced. Afterward, members of the congregation excitedly asked the pastor if he had seen Kanye sitting in the back of the church.

“‘Who’s that?'” he recalled saying. “‘Oh yeah, that’s that guy we’ve been praying for. That’s so cool, man, I’m glad he came.'”

He said that he didn’t expect Kanye to ever show up again.

“That brother’s never coming back,” Tyson recalled thinking. “Why would this guy come back to an almost all white church that some guy’s preaching the word for an hour?”

However, Kanye kept coming back, and the pastor eventually spoke to the rapper one-on-one. Kanye told him that he wanted to attend classes at the Masters Seminary, where he could have run into Jeremy. However, Tyson didn’t think that this was the best idea, so he recommended small Bible study group meetings instead. This led to Kanye inviting the pastor to preach at his Sunday Service events.

To hear more about Adam Tyson’s experiences with Kanye, you can listen to his interview on the Wrath and Grace Facebook page.