Amber Rose, 9 Months Pregnant, Rocks A Leopard-Print Spandex Dress That’s Barely Holding On

Leon BennettGetty Images

Amber Rose’s baby is due any day now. The model is 9 months pregnant, so fans are likely wondering just when the 35-year-old will go into labor. Given that Amber has been looking like she’s about to pop for a fair few weeks, it’s safe to assume that the mother of one will have her status bumped up to mom of two in very little time.

Amber’s pregnancy seems to have been turning heads. The model rocked a plunging braless dress last month on an Indian takeout run.

On Tuesday, a fresh social media update came from the star. There was no denying that this post was all about the pregnancy, with it even being mentioned in Amber’s caption. The video showed Amber in selfie mode in what appeared to be her home. The star was looking sensational for a woman in her state – the final stages of pregnancy aren’t exactly the most comfortable. The blonde was seen flaunting her enormous bump in a spandex dress that showed just how well this mother has nailed her maternity style.

Amber appeared in a skin-tight and thin-strapped bodycon dress in leopard-prints. The materials appeared somewhat challenged by the star’s curves and her fantastic bump. The model accessorized with a baseball cap and black sneakers. She turned to show herself off from a few angles.

Amber’s pregnancy has proven high-profile by virtue of some statement social media updates. She even took to Instagram in an animal-print bikini at the 8-month mark.

Not all of Amber’s content these past few months has centered around her pregnancy, though. The model did take to Instagram with a humorous post showcasing an apparent list of women with notorious reputations. Amber moaned that she hadn’t made it to the top of the list. As for sexuality overall, Amber has spoken out about how women are perceived.

“I used to call women sl*ts and wh*res all the time. Because that’s what society taught me: that that was OK and that it was what I was supposed to be doing. But I grew up, and I have seen these issues, and I have become very passionate about it. I am a former sl*t shamer and a newfound feminist,” she told The Guardian.

“Women usually don’t get the shine that they deserve if they weren’t as successful as their boyfriends or husbands initially,” Amber added.

Amber is in a relationship with Alexander “AE” Edwards – her baby daddy. Fans wishing to see more of Amber should follow her Instagram.