Chanel West Coast Rocks Sheer Fairy Tale Look On Instagram: ‘Just Casually Watering The Grass In A Ball Gown’

Frazer HarrisonGetty Images

Chanel West Coast’s sense of humor is second-to-none. The “Sharon Stoned” rapper and Ridiculousness star is known for her sense of fun, with a new Instagram photo on the 31-year-old’s account appearing to prove that her playful side is alive and well. Chanel seemed to be channeling her humorous edge recently when she rocked a bikini alongside a giant cowboy hat, although today has seen the MTV face take things down the fairy tale route.

Chanel’s photo showed her outdoors and appearing to tend to a lawn with a hose. The blonde was photographed in full, with her left arm holding the hose as it delivered spraying water. While the photo did seem to be about the humorous setting, it also appeared to be about the eye-catching outfit. Chanel was seen rocking a floor-length baby-pink gown that was opaque below the waist, but sheer details up top were upping the ante. Glittery silver aspects on the dress did, however, protect the star’s modesty. Chanel was seen with her long hair dyed blond and worn down, with her tattoos also being on show. The rapper placed one hand on her hip to deliver some sass, although Chanel’s fans would likely argue that she comes with plenty of attitude, no pose necessary.

The post seemed to prove popular in very little time, racking up over 11,000 likes in the space of an hour.

Chanel has been making headlines for releasing new music this year, and “Sharon Stoned” and “Old Fashioned” aren’t the only tracks making waves. The star hasn’t opened up too much about her beats, although an interview with The Fresh Committee did see the star talk about her track “The Middle.”

“I wanted to make a song that expressed my true inner feelings at the time. I’m very private and good at masking my sadness with a laugh. Wanted people to see that even people with money and nice things aren’t always happy,” the rapper said about her music, and the way that people perceive her.

The record also saw Chanel make her directorial debut via the song’s music video, which Chanel also told the media outlet about.

“It’s easier than worrying about what’s being done… I tend to tell the directors what I want, what angles, lighting anyway, so that’s why I wanted to take the lead on this one,” she added.

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