WWE Rumors: Two Iconic Legends Not Happy They Weren’t Used For ‘SmackDown’ Debut On FOX


WWE has a lot to be happy about with how the debut of Friday Night SmackDown happened this past week on FOX. The ratings were high, and fans loved seeing great action combined with a number of Hall of Famers returning for one more night. Two iconic legends were promoted and scheduled to be on the blue brand’s 20th anniversary episode, but they didn’t end up appearing, which has them quite unhappy.

Fans who watched Friday Night SmackDown saw The Rock come back and give an electrifying opening segment. Mark Henry, Kurt Angle, Lita, Trish Stratus, Mick Foley, and many others were shown in the audience as they enjoyed the event in the Staples Center.

The show pretty much went off without a hitch as the action was hot and the big names being shown only added to the fun. There was quite a long list of Hall of Famers and legends who were promoted to appear on the show, but two of them were noticeably absent by the end.

Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Undertaker had both been advertised as appearing on Friday Night SmackDown’s debut, but they were nowhere to be found. According to the Oh, You Didn’t Know Wrestling Show, by way of Ringside News, neither of the superstars were happy about it either.

The Undertaker enters the ring on "Raw."
Featured image credit: WWE

According to Brad Shepard of Oh, You Didn’t Know, the atmosphere backstage was a “complete zoo” for the debut of Friday Night SmackDown on FOX. With so many people running around and things staying chaotic, WWE ran out of time for everyone to be used or to make an appearance.

Two of the legends who happened to be left out in the cold and off the show were Undertaker and Austin. While the two legends handled things in a rather professional manner, rumor has it that they still were not overly thrilled with how things went down.

“Austin and Undertaker were ‘slightly ticked’ off at being promoted and brought in for the show, only to not be used.”

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, fans told The Undertaker that he should have been the one to close out the 20th anniversary show. Taker responded to one fan and let them know that he was told he wasn’t needed.

It’s difficult for WWE to find time for everyone when they only have two hours of TV time and schedule dozens of legends to go along with matches. The Undertaker and Stone Cold Steve Austin are always big draws and can bring in a crowd, but if the time isn’t available, there won’t be a place for them to appear.