Kate Beckinsale Poses With Female Friend In Sexually Suggestive Instagram Post That Fans Find Hilarious

Stuart C. WilsonGetty Images

Kate Beckinsale is at it again. The Underworld actress may not be moonlighting as an underground comic, but she’s receiving plenty of praise for showing off her comedic skills on Instagram. She often enlists the help of those around her for her humorous posts, including her fluffy pet kitty Willow. However, this time it was a human pal who appeared in her raunchy social media gag.

On Wednesday, the 46-year-old brunette beauty took to Instagram to share a black-and-white photo of herself and the female friend posing together. The top half of Kate is all that is visible, and she has her wavy brunette locks pulled back from her flawless face. She’s wearing a black strapless top, and she has one long, linear drop earring dangling from her right ear. However, it’s not Kate’s fashion or jewelry choices that had her Instagram followers all abuzz.

In the snap, Kate’s friend is pictured pointing at her and laughing at what the actress is doing with her fingers and mouth. Kate is making a V sign with her index and middle fingers, and she’s sticking her tongue out between the two digits. In the caption of her post, she joked that she just started grasping some “complicated mathematical concepts,” and her photo is a demonstration of the “Grothendieck-Riemann-Roch theorem.”

Many of Kate Beckinsale’s followers realized that her naughty pose has nothing to do with Algebraic geometry; it’s actually a sign for performing oral sex on a woman. However, the discord between her sexually suggestive snapshot and her Instagram caption is what made them find her post so witty and hilarious.

“God damn, you’re almost most entertaining on here than you are in your movies,” remarked one of her admirers.

“This is hysterical lol,” another wrote.

“You have a stone crazy sense of humor and I love it,” commented another fan of her comedic styling.

The woman posing with Kate Beckinsale in the picture, director Tanya Wexler, also responded to the post with a quip of her own.

“Unsurprisingly we were both very good at school,” she wrote.

Tanya Wexler is the director of the 2011 movie Hysteria, which is a period comedy about the invention of the first vibrator. According to Deadline, she is currently working with Kate Beckinsale on the upcoming female revenge fantasy Jolt.

In the comedic action movie, Kate plays a tough bouncer who is struggling with major anger management issues. They’re so bad that they sometimes make her murderous, so she uses an “electrode-lined vest” to shock some sense back into herself whenever she starts seeing red. However, she unleashes the beast when a man she cares about is murdered, going on a “revenge-fueled rampage” as she hunts down his killer.

Jolt will premiere sometime next year.