‘General Hospital’ Tuesday Spoilers: Nelle Reaches Out, Willow Struggles, And Ryan Gets Bold

Troy HarveyWalt Disney Television

Tuesday brings a jam-packed, wild episode of General Hospital. Spoilers tease that not only will Nina be forced to accept the truth about Sasha, but major developments with a couple of other storylines are coming as well.

As The Inquisitr shared, Tuesday’s episode will be heavily focused on the Nina and Sasha implosion. Nina is hesitant to believe Lulu’s revelation, but General Hospital spoilers detail that Sasha won’t be able to hide her dismay when questioned in front of everybody. The truth is finally out, at least in part, and viewers are anxious to see where this heads next.

General Hospital spoilers from the sneak peek for Tuesday’s episode reveal other juicy tidbits about what’s on the way. In the preview, Nelle is seen making a phone call, telling somebody that she needs their help.

Viewers have seen that she has reached out to a lawyer — the new character Martin Gray played by All My Children veteran Michael E. Knight — for help in being approved for parole. Is this phone call another step in trying to line up more support for her efforts to gain her freedom? Is it Brad she’s calling, or someone else?

SheKnows Soaps reveals that Brad will attend Nelle’s parole hearing, which will air during the episode on Wednesday, October 16. Prior to that, Brad will ask Julian for more help, so it may be that Brad is feeling anxious about Nelle potentially being released.

Tuesday’s show also brings a loaded, emotional question for Willow. General Hospital spoilers detail that Chase will ask her what she envisions for Wiley now that Shiloh’s no longer a concern. It looks as if Willow will sigh heavily and may even get teary-eyed as she tries to answer the question.

Willow’s driving reason for placing Wiley up for adoption was to keep him away from Shiloh. Initially, she had no contact with the baby she believes is her biological son. Now, however, she’s developed a good relationship with Brad and Lucas, and is openly involved in the toddler’s life.

Unfortunately, she does not yet know that Wiley isn’t the baby she gave birth to and placed for adoption. That baby died the night he joined Brad, and fans are anxious to see the truth come out so the baby can be joined with his true biological father Michael.

While the baby swap reveal didn’t emerge as a part of Shiloh’s storyline, it still looks like it’s coming relatively soon. Nelle being anxious to get out of Pentonville is surely a sign that something’s on the horizon, and many wonder if she’ll try to take the baby and go on the run.

Ryan is also at Pentonville and General Hospital spoilers tease that he’ll manage to lure Ava back to the facility for a visit. Ava can’t seem to close this horrifying chapter of her past as Ryan seems to have an unbreakable hold on her. Whatever goes down during this next visit, General Hospital spoilers tease that something troublesome is coming regarding Ryan.

The Inquisitr recently revealed that Ryan will do something violent at Pentonville and it will require Chase’s attention. Will viewers finally see something juicy happen that involves both Nelle and Ryan working together somehow? It seems likely, and with the November sweeps period coming up soon, fans have a hunch that something crazy is in the works.

Things are definitely quite wild in Port Charles right now, and fans are anxious to see significant forward progress. General Hospital spoilers suggest that there may be more bombshells about to drop, and everybody is ready for some chaos.