October 8, 2019
WWE News: Uncertainty Over Sasha Banks' Latest Injury

Sasha Banks came out of her Hell in a Cell match against Becky Lynch this past Sunday with an injury. Given that she wasn't present on this week's Monday Night Raw, there's been some speculation that the injury is serious.

Citing Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Radio, Sportskeeda reports that there's been no word as to the extent of her injury yet. According to Meltzer, however, this usually means that WWE is covering something up.

"I was told that she's saying that it's not a concussion. Because obviously whenever something like this happens my first thing is, because what injuries get covered up the most in WWE? It's women concussions. For whatever reason, you know how that goes. That's always the case whenever there's like this mysterious thing it always comes out a couple of weeks later as a concussion, I was told in this case, it's not but perhaps, who knows. That's all I know."
As noted by SESCOOPS, Banks has reportedly told people that she suffered a back injury and not a concussion. This seems entirely plausible, as she took several dangerous bumps during the match which saw her land on her back.

Perhaps WWE is keeping her injury close to the vest for now because the company is still monitoring the situation and waiting for answers. At the same time, it looks like "The Boss" will be out of action for the time being.

Sasha Banks takes a chair bump

As reported by The Inquisitr, Banks only returned to WWE in August after a four-month hiatus. Her time away was reportedly caused by her unhappiness with her position in the company. Since returning to the spotlight, however, she's been thrust back into the Monday Night Raw women's division main event picture.

Her last match against Lynch saw her unsuccessfully challenge for the title, but with the draft coming up, there's been rumors of either her or Lynch switching brands. Wherever Banks ends up, she'll be a leading star of its women's division.

Banks has dealt with multiple injuries throughout the years, and she's become known for taking unnecessarily painful bumps in order to elevate her matches.

Back in 2018, she suffered another injury to her back. If that's the case this time around, WWE is likely worried about an underlying issue that keeps causing injuries of this nature.

Hopefully Banks is back in action sooner rather than later. Her recent push is her most significant in quite some time, and it would be upsetting to see it curtailed because of more injury woes.