Liam Hemsworth Is Reportedly In A ‘Great Place’ Two Months After Miley Cyrus Split

Neilson BarnardGetty Images

It’s been two months since one of Hollywood’s most beloved young couples publicly announced they would be divorcing.

Miley Cyrus was certainly quick to move on as she was linked to reality TV sensation Kaitlynn Carter soon after the split and is now dating Aussie singer Cody Simpson. Yet, it may have taken her ex-beau, Liam Hemsworth, a little while longer. The movie star decided to go and spend time with his family back in Australia as he processed the heartbreak and is reportedly doing “so much better” now that some time has passed.

As reported by Hollywood Life, Liam has “come to terms with the fact that their relationship is completely over” and is in a “really good place now,” a source claimed. The actor is opting to focus on his work and has “no interest in dating” for the time being.

It seems like the former couple are dealing with their breakup in different ways. Miley took to Twitter to explain that she is making conscious dating decisions as an adult for the first time in her life and that she will not let her fame and lack of privacy get in the way of her having fun and dating around freely.

Liam, 29, and Miley, 26, had been married for only eight months when they announced their split this summer. They had been dating steadily for a couple of years before they tied the knot last December and shared an on-and-off romance for almost a decade prior to that.

The Hollywood hunk apparently took it the hardest. However, it has been reported that the support of his family — including his older brother Chris Hemsworth, his wife Elsa Pataky, and their kids — has been vital to Liam’s post-breakup recovery. Plus, he has decided not to focus on what Miley is up to and is decidedly not moping around and feeling sorry for himself.

“He’s back to being his best, and the Liam everyone knows and loves. He can’t put his focus on what Miley’s doing, as they’re no longer in a relationship or friendship. Liam has moved on, and though he wishes her the best, he hopes he can move on himself,” another insider added.

Besides, he has been working out a lot since the end of his marriage, which has helped improve both his physical and mental health. His new project, the series Doge and Miles, is also quite physically-demanding, and the grueling fitness routines are reportedly doing “wonders for his state of mind.” Liam is clearly reaching a whole other level of fit, as an Instagram picture of him pulling off the human flag pullup move proves.