Wendy Williams Tells Audience Member To 'Get Out' After Phone Goes Off During Show

Things got a little heated during a taping of The Wendy Williams Show this week.

According to Us Weekly, show host Wendy Williams went off on an audience member after their phone rang during a taping of the talk show on Tuesday, October 8, and even went as far as ordering them to leave.

"Is somebody's phone on?" the 55-year-old questioned.

A male's voice quickly confirmed that there was, in fact, a phone ringing among the audience, prompting Williams to pause her segment completely to call out the culprit.

"Get out! Get out!" she demanded, pointing towards the door with wide eyes and a serious look on her face.

"Turn that phone off now sir, ma'am, whoever you are. Just, please, kindly," she continued as the audience reacted with shaky laughs.

Williams went on to remind her in-house viewers that although tickets to her show were free, they are required to turn their phones off during filming. The request is hardly outlandish, however, as The Wendy Williams Show is broadcasted live most days of the week and, as displayed during today's episode, a cell phone ringing is clearly a distraction.

Just as quickly as the show host went off, however, her anger subsided.

"I was being over dramatic," she acknowledged, before requesting again that the audience member "kindly please turn your cell phone off."

Williams is known for her no-nonsense attitude, and has no problem putting anyone on blast whether it be an audience member or a celebrity. In another recent episode of her talk show, the starlet took aim at Sofia Richie, the 21-year-old daughter of singer Lionel Richie, who has been dating reality television star Scott Disick for over two years.

In her rant, Williams criticized the young model for getting involved with the father of three. She noted that Sofia was "still a kid herself," and had the opportunity to do whatever she wants. Ultimately, the talk show host labeled the relationship "too much."

The last few months have been a bit tumultuous for Williams. She revealed on her show earlier this year that she had been living in a sober house and, one month later, filed for divorce from her husband Kevin Hunter, whom she had been married to for over 20 years.

Lately, things have begun to look up for the star. According to Vibe, Williams is the latest celebrity that will be honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The accolade will be presented to her on Thursday, October 17.