‘This Is Us’ Spoilers From New Sneak Peek Tease Randall Becomes ‘Unhinged,’ His Girls Face First Day At School

Ron BatzdorffNBC

The next episode of This Is Us is titled “Unhinged” and spoilers from a new sneak peek provide some context. Randall, Beth, and their girls recently moved to Philadelphia and it’s time for Tess, Deja, and Annie to start their new schools. At the same time, Randall is ready to throw himself into his new position of city councilman and apparently some folks in the area are describing him as being unhinged.

TV Guide shared the new sneak peek into the episode airing on Tuesday night. The clip opens with Randall returning home after heading out for a run with his right-hand man, Jae-Won.

Annie is reading an article from the newspaper featuring Randall that suggests he is unhinged for his open-door policy of connecting with his constituents. This Is Us spoilers suggest that Randall and Jae-Won will be completely unbothered by the insinuation that he might be unorthodox and a bit crazy and they seem focused on launching this new chapter of leadership in District 12.

Randall is pretty hyped up, but the girls seem a bit more reserved. Tess, in particular, is clearly feeling anxious about her first day at her new school. Both Beth and Randall reassure her that things will be great, and she insists she’s fine. However, viewers have seen that she is struggling with some nerves and uncertainties.

Jae-Won also asks Randall if he’ll have time to talk about a new proposal later in the day. Randall says that of course he will, but This Is Us spoilers seem to hint that Jae-Won may be facing some frustrations with having his proposal taken seriously by his boss.

According to teasers from NBC, Randall will be facing a tough choice during this next show. Could this be related to what Jae-Won needs to talk to him about? In addition, viewers will see Toby and Kate getting settled into their new place with baby Jack along with some flashback action involving Miguel and the senior Jack.

The photos released by NBC reveal some additional This Is Us spoilers for the October 8 episode. Deja will seemingly reach out to Tess to lend her support, and Tess looks like she’s really struggling. On the other hand, Deja is doing pretty well with this move and it looks as if viewers will see a bit more of Malik Tuesday night.

As The Inquisitr recently noted, young actor Asante Blackk has been promoted to be a series regular. The character of Malik is said to end up connected to the Pearson family in a major way and fans are definitely loving the pairing of Malik and Deja.

Rebecca will be wearing a very ’80s-styled workout ensemble in some flashback scenes that will include the young Pearson trio of pre-teen kids. Based on another sneak peek for “Unhinged,” it looks as if this episode will have a few other buzzworthy developments, as Kate notices Toby’s weight loss and Kevin meets Cassidy.

Toby has been hiding his workouts out, but it won’t go unnoticed when he takes his shirt off in front of Kate. This is sure to raise some serious questions that might be difficult for the couple to navigate.

In addition, Kevin will connect with Cassidy’s son. This Is Us spoilers note that both Cassidy and Kevin will be surprised to come face-to-face and realize they did not picture the other person at all accurately.

Will Kevin and Cassidy end up romantically involved as many fans suspect? Can Malik and Deja overcome their respective obstacles to go the distance? Will Randall and Beth both be able to be happy and succeed in Philadelphia? Tuesday’s episode of This Is Us will be jam-packed with action and fans cannot wait to check it out.