‘Canadian Kim Kardashian’ Kami Osman Dances In A Leather Outfit That Hugs Her Killer Curves

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Kami Osman is known for her killer curves. After all, it’s part of the reason that the stunning 24-year-old has been called the “Canadian Kim Kardashian.” Fortunately for her fans, she was more than willing to flaunt her famously incredible body — first in a stunning leather ensemble, and then while wearing a pair of skimpy Victoria’s Secret undies.

In addition to a similarity in body type, Kami also shares a very similar look to the famous reality television star, thanks in part due to their similar coloring, face shape, and hair. The Canadian beauty has credited it to their similar heritage; Kim is famously Armenian, and her own family comes from neighboring country Azerbaijan.

The two could be twins in the most recent updates. In the first update, Kami uploaded a video where she seductively dances while wearing a leather top with matching leather pants. The top features a sleeveless crew neck look in a black matte. Her pants, on the other hand, are a patent leather, with a silver chain around her waist that attaches to a small purse.

The two pieces are incredibly tight, showing off Kami’s curves to their best advantage. The video opens with Kami lifting her toned thighs before she raises her arms and bends her legs. She then moves her hips around, almost hinting at a twerk, before she runs her hands along her hips and cleavage.

Kami ends the video by cheering and hugging a blond male companion.

The video quickly earned nearly 21,000 likes and close to 200 comments.

“I’m a slave for youuuu… dang,” teased one fan, adding musical notes, fire, and a crown emoji to denote she was his queen.

“Freaking beautiful,” added another, with three red hearts.

“This is amazing,” echoed a third.

It was not the first time that Kami has worn leather pants, and she recently left fans begging for more after sizzling in a similar pair last week.

If that video wasn’t enough to send the pulses of her 776,000 fans racing, she then added another two pictures where she showed off her hourglass figure in a pair of undies, along with a skimpy crop top.

In the picture, Kami is taking a selfie in the bathroom, while still wearing a hair turban. The curves of her hips are on full display, thanks to the cut of the Victoria’s Secret undies she wears. Made from cotton and with a thick band, they seem inspired by the classic Calvin Klein undergarments.

The crop top shows off her toned midriff, and she even pulls it up in the second picture, flashing the camera some underboob.

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The picture earned over 26,000 likes and around 100 comments.