Jennifer Aniston, 50, Ditches Her Pants In Nothing But A Ripped Sweater & A Hat

Jennifer Aniston just keeps on wowing. The Friends actress turned 50 this year, although Jennifer seems to fall into the category of celebrities who defy their age. Jennifer has appeared in a new photo as part of her feature in Variety – clearly, America's unofficial sweetheart has still got it. The snap seemed to be a reminder of just how sensational this star looks, although the article itself had nothing to do with Aniston's killer legs and youthful face.

The photo showed Jennifer looking knowingly at the camera as she posed against a plain wall bearing the magazine's name. The actress was seen looking fierce and fabulous in nothing but a sweater and a hat, with the all-white palette proving eye-catching. Jennifer was rocking some fuzzy and wooly materials in the thigh-grazing upper, with ripped details at the hem affording a trendy feel. The sweater also boasted a shirt-style collar detail, with a trilby hat also proving chic – Aniston had tipped it for a little sass.

The actress appeared beautiful in every way possible, with her trademark glossy locks worn down, plus discreet makeup accentuating her pretty features. Jennifer tends to opt out of overly-racy photoshoots, although this one did have its sexy side.

As Variety reports, Jennifer has been channeling her charitable side by appearing in a public way at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. Speaking to the magazine, the star opened up about how moved she was by meeting children who courageously battle serious illness.

"I started doing everything I could, meeting the children, and they're these little heroes. I remember one year the little girl kept calling it her 'owies,' her little tumors, because they wouldn't say the word 'cancer' in front of her. It's the hardest day of the year and the greatest day of the year, because they allow you to put it all into perspective," Jennifer said.

"You see these little miracles, these heroes, walking through something that no child should ever have to be walking through," the actress added.

Aniston is not the only celebrity to have made a headline for going down the charitable route. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson has updated his social media many times from sick children's hospitals, with singer Miley Cyrus having her own charitable foundation. Also known for giving back are singer Mariah Carey and model Gigi Hadid.

Jennifer shot to fame in 1994 when Friends started, becoming a bonafide superstar virtually overnight. The star isn't on Instagram, but she does occasionally pop up in social media content posted by her former co-stars. Jennifer also recently wowed the cameras in a slinky and spaghetti-strap dress.