‘World’s Sexiest DJ’ Nata Lee Bursts Out Of Her Shirtless Blazer Dress, And Fans Can’t Take It

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Nata Lee is driving her Instagram followers wild. The “World’s Sexiest DJ” set Instagram on fire recently by wearing nothing but a G-string and a see-through shirt, although not all looks from the Russian social media sensation come as a lingerie display. Nata Lee recently took to the platform in a white blazer dress, but the chic look definitely didn’t deprive the star’s fans of those killer assets.

Nata Lee’s photo showed her professionally photographed and squatting down in high heels with ankle straps. The blonde was rocking a stylish white blazer dress with metallic silver buttons. The little number was definitely minimal, with a shirtless finish and plunging neckline seeing Nata Lee’s cleavage take center stage. The snap was a tasteful one, though, with the style being as much a feature as those eye-popping assets. Nata Lee also made direct eye contact as she pierced the camera lens, with a deep and knowing gaze likely driving her fans even more crazy.

The star appeared with her wavy blond hair worn down around her shoulders, plus discreet makeup accentuating her pretty features. A helpful geotag placed Nata Lee in Paris, France, although when it comes to this star’s posts, it’s like her fans don’t care where in the world she is.

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come on guys, don’t let me down ???? photo: @mavrin

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Fans have been going absolutely nuts.

“Tremendous,” one fan wrote.

“I mean omg!…I have butterflies in my tummy, nothing comes out right when I text…heaven’s doors won’t open for me without you…” saw one fan completely floored as they tried to express themselves.

“Woooow” was another comment.

“Way too beautiful,” one fan told the star.

“Oh my goodness, amazing you are” saw one fan’s breath taken away.

Nata Lee does seem to knock her fans sideways every time she updates her social media. The star is now somewhat of a sensation on Instagram on account of her killer body, with her fanbase stretching beyond the Russians who hail from her native country. Nata Lee now receives comments in multiple languages from her international fans – the post showing that little white dress saw fans leave replies in French, Spanish, Russian, and English among other languages.

Of course, emoji responses always prove used amid Instagram’s sexy faces, with Nata Lee receiving plenty of fire, alien, and emoji ones.

Nata Lee recently updated her Instagram in a rolled-down pair of jeans with a mesh bra. While this post saw the star act as an influencer, that little white dress didn’t come promoting anything but the star’s beauty. Fans wishing to see more of Nata Lee should follow her Instagram account.