‘Russian Kim Kardashian’ Anastasiya Kvitko Shows Instagram How Small A G-String Can Be In A Sheer Bra

Anastasiya Kvitko takes a selfie
Anastasiya Kvitko / Instagram

Anastasiya Kvitko has put those famous curves on display. The “Russian Kim Kardashian” is now so famous, it doesn’t look like she needs to rely on having the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star’s name as a moniker – AK is now known by her name alone. The European dropped jaws yesterday with a skin-tight bodysuit and latex boots, but it looks like the curvy beauty has shown Instagram a lot more skin today in a G-string.

On Tuesday, Anastasiya updated her Instagram stories. The model was seen in a low-key setting and possibly backstage for a shoot. Eyes were likely on that sensational and barely-there attire, though. AK was seen flaunting her curves in the tiniest G-string imaginable, with the black lingerie matching a sheer bra. There was a slight dominatrix feel to the look – some straps and clasps adorned the piece – although these didn’t detract from AK’s fierce curves. The star was filmed from behind as she turned around to face the camera. The lens took in both her beautiful face and that world-famous rear.

AK did seem to be showing how tiny that lingerie could get. The star appeared beautifully made up, with defined brows and blushed cheeks, plus her long brown hair cascading down her back.

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Good morning ☀️

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Anastasiya seems to have her career all set. The model has left her native Russia for a life in the U.S., and it definitely seems to be a glamorous one. The star’s social media showcases yacht outings and glitzy interiors, although AK does travel a fair bit. The model’s career beginnings were unsteady, as AK was actually turned away from the modeling industry for being too curvy.

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Swimsuit @prettylittlething ☀️

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Speaking to Women’s Fitness, the star opened up about the industry and how she got to be involved in it despite not fitting the norm.

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“To be a model you have to be very tall and thin. I wasn’t tall but I had a good shapes and curves. Until that moment I didn’t even think about modeling I just liked taking photos of myself. And after that meeting from time to time I started to receive proposals to participate in free shootouts from different photographers in different studios in Moscow. My Instagram account was growing more fast. Once it reached first one hundred thousands of followers. It was unbelievable,” she said.

AK doesn’t need to worry about judgment anymore. Her 11 million-plus Instagram followers are proof that her looks are more than desired.