‘The Conners’ Lecy Goranson Says She Thinks About Roseanne Barr ‘All The Time’

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The Conners star Lecy Goranson revealed in a new interview that she still thinks about her television mom Roseanne Barr “all the time,” as the show continues on without its original creator and series star. Roseanne’s racist tweet spelled the end of the rebooted Roseanne series in 2018.

E! News reported that Lecy revealed in an interview that she still cares for Roseanne, her former television mom, whom she worked with for five seasons before leaving the original show and the character of Becky behind to attend college.

“I think about her all the time. It’s hard not to. And I always wish her well, we all do. We all love her and miss her very much,” the sitcom star said in the interview.

“I think just like in life when we miss people, it’s when either we need someone, we want to talk to someone, we want to hear their advice or their point of view. Or a lot of it is the joy that we feel working together and wanting to share that joy with her. If something’s really funny, or fun, we miss that. We really, really deeply do,” Lecy commented about missing Roseanne while on the set of the series.

The revival of the original Roseanne show was met with critical acclaim as the series tackled tough subjects such as financial woes, healthcare issues, drug addiction, LGBTQ issues, and the struggles of military families. The first season was such a hit that a second season was ordered shortly after the show’s debut in 2018.

That was when all began to unravel for the show and its lead star, on the cusp of a professional high. Series creator and star Roseanne came under fire after she posted a series of racist statements to Twitter, leading to her eventual firing from the series and the cancellation of the show.

A new series titled The Conners picked up where the storylines from the Roseanne reboot left off, with one major twist. The show killed off Roseanne’s character, stating she died from an overdose of prescription drugs. At the close of Roseanne‘s first season, the lead character was experiencing opioid addiction and hiding her pills from her beloved husband Dan.

The Inquisitr reported in August of this year that the second season of The Conners would continue to bring on the funny while tackling timely topics in a relatable way for audiences to enjoy.

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The current season of The Conners will continue to explore the aforementioned issues, with new twists to the storylines already set in place. Becky will learn to navigate first-time motherhood with her infant daughter Beverly. Dan could be open to a potential new love interest in an old friend, Louise, an ex-rock drummer who now manages Casita Bonita, the restaurant where Becky works.

Darlene continues to struggle to choose between the love of ex-husband David and her new boss, Ben, and how to best move forward to keep each man happy without losing them both.

The Conners airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. EST on ABC.