Social media illustrates devastation in Haiti in real time

Kim LaCapria

As the sun rose on a devastated Haiti, Twitter and TwitPic gave the world some of the first images of destruction wrought during yesterday's earthquake and aftershocks.

Former Fugees frontman Wyclef Jean is using Twitter heavily to rally support for the people of Haiti and is en route to join Anderson Cooper, who is on scene. Clef indicates he was on the phone with a Haitian friend on when the quake struck, and he is trying to locate another friend, a young rapper who had traveled to Haiti. (Initial reports indicate the rapper he is trying to locate may have been killed in the quake.)

Wyclef has recently tweeted:

I am on my way to the D R to get to haiti Please urge you council men governors etc we need a state of emergency for haiti
My flight leaves for the D R n one hour! Can't fly into haiti direct as you know pray for the people of haiti n me please #warriors
We must think ahead for the after shock the people will need food, medicine, shelter etc.... Stay tune on my way to Anderson Copper
If U Need To get in Touch With Friends & Family in Haiti. Send me a Private Message with names and Phone Numbers. I'll get Back to U!