Latina Fitness Model Dolly Castro Flaunts Rock-Hard Abs & Thick Thighs While Working Up A Sweat

Dolly CastroInstagram

Dolly Castro recently showed off her endless curves on social media with another incredibly sexy post.

As those who follow the Latina fitness model know, Dolly loves flaunting her curves, frequently showing off her hourglass figure in an array of skimpy outfits. From bikinis to sheer dresses, the Nicaraguan native knows how to tease her followers.

Dolly dropped jaws in a recent share wherein she showed off her incredible figure in some of her workout gear. The model wore a white sports bra and a skintight pair of olive-colored cycling pants that clung to her body. Dolly’s rock-hard abs and thick thighs were on full display as she posed next to a piece of gym equipment.

The bombshell rested her hands on the bench press behind her as she smiled into the distance. She was promoting a particular muscle building supplement, and the product can also be seen in the photograph. The model showed off her flawless physique, thanks to hours of sweat at the gym, as she handled the piece of iron.

Dolly looked radiant as she wore her hair in a middle part and allowed her brown tresses to cascade down her shoulders and back. The social media influencer also sported a face full of makeup for the promo shot, an application which included a bold brow, smoldering eyes, highlighter across her nose and cheekbones, and a shimmering pink lip gloss. Dolly was the picture of glowing health as she posed alongside the gym equipment.

The former fitness trainer has a massive following of people, many regarding her as one of the hottest women on Instagram. The beauty has over 6.2 million followers who constantly check her pages to see if she has posted any sexy photos. Dolly rarely disappoints, and tries to keep her hordes of fans happy with cheeky shots of herself in all sorts of ensembles.

This particular image has already garnered close to 34,000 likes within hours of having been posted. Her fans love the fact that she’s so health-conscious, and also appreciate her motivational attitude. In the caption attached to this latest share, Dolly encouraged her followers to do what they were passionate about, and to become an expert at it.

While the majority of fans who responded in the comments section simply posted an emoji or two, others became lyrical about her looks.

“Well you got thick in the legs boo,” praised one of her fans.

“Strong and beautiful,” a second admirer remarked.

While Dolly certainly looks hot while strutting around in her workout clothes, The Inquisitr also reported that she recently wowed fans in a tight nude dress, one that left very little to the imagination. Dolly just happens to be one of those women who can wear any outfit and look absolutely fabulous.