Olivia Culpo Nearly Bursts Out Of Her Bra On Instagram – Twice

Oliva Culpo has posted a new Instagram update. The model and social media sensation took to the platform earlier today with a photo that seemed to tick boxes for just about everything. The photo was sexy, stylish, funny, and it came as a double load of images in one post. Olivia might best be known for her fierce body and incredible beauty, but this former Miss Universe comes with a sense of humor.

Today didn't see Olivia naked on a beach with a snake wrapped around her, but it did deliver the star's insane curves.

Olivia's photos came side-by-side on her post. Both photos showed the brunette rocking the exact same outfit, although a quick look at the model's caption seemed to suggest that the photos were representations of what she was feeling both before and after the weekend.

Olivia was looking incredible. The star was seen in a knee-length and high-waisted skirt boasting the Fendi logo; the Italian luxury brand isn't just for the Kardashians and Nicki Minaj. Olivia paired her white skirt with a sexy, navy blue bra, with the lace fabric definitely upping the ante. The top was pretty tiny, though, with the model's cleavage making quite the show. Olivia's face seemed to reflect what was going on in the caption just perfectly.

Olivia doesn't need to worry about competing for success anymore. The model has Miss Rhode Island, Miss USA, and Miss Universe titles all under her belt. Her career as a social media sensation is now also more than set. Olivia has even revealed that entering those competitions wasn't even something she was entirely keen on."To be honest, I was never really all that interested in pageants. I thought of it more as a good experience to grow and learn about developing stage presence, and to use it as a platform to help people and enrich these skills I was already working towards in my time studying communications at school," the model told Flaunt.

It all seems to have worked out for this star, though. Olivia is now worshipped by millions, with women seeming to adore her just as much as men do. Olivia is, after all, incredibly beautiful and stylish, plus she's got a fabulous figure. As Shape reports, Olivia has her eye on nutrition.

"I like the meal replacement bars the best. No offense to the 90-calorie ones, but they just don't do it for me! There's more protein in the meal bars, and I think a high-protein diet with low carbs is a great choice," she told the magazine.

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