Miss BumBum 2015 Suzy Cortez Gives Instagram An Eyeful Of Her Namesake In A G-String And Quite The Position

Suzy CortezInstagram

Suzy Cortez has given Instagram a major eyeful. Miss BumBum now comes with an army of followers on the platform, although it does help that the Brazilian comes with an official status. Suzy earned her Miss BumBum title back in 2015, and she seems to have picked up another just recently.

Today didn’t show Suzy bare-bootied, but it got very, very close.

The Instagram photo posted by Suzy showed her photographed from behind and straddling a stool set in front of a television screen. The star was seen showcasing her famous rear in very little clothing, although enough of it was present for fans to see that Suzy is a huge soccer fan. In fact, she seemed to be watching the sport. The image showed Suzy rocking a cropped, striped sports shirt in red and blue, with the short finish flaunting the sensation’s muscular back. Eyes were likely on that booty, though. Suzy was flaunting hers in nothing but a blue G-string, with the minimal finish proving perfect for showcasing the asset that has earned Suzy fame. Fans saw Suzy’s ultra-muscular behind, plus her built thighs, with the camera having taken in her ripped legs.

Suzy appeared with one hand in the air and her long brown hair flowing down her shoulders.

The update definitely proved popular, racking up more than 89,000 likes in the space of a day.

Recent social media posts from Suzy have definitely been showing that her 2015-earned title isn’t a thing of the past. The star has posted photos and videos of herself with the winner sash from the Miss BumBum World contest in Mexico, with footage of the model flaunting her frame on Cancun’s shores showing her in the country that hosted the competition. That said, not all images of Suzy show her in competition. The model has posted stunning poolside photos of herself as she relaxes after those grueling workouts. A quick look through Suzy’s feed shows that she is one social media sensation who pushes herself to the limits.

Suzy isn’t the only fitness fiend on Instagram to be turning heads. That said, given that so many of Instagram’s fit models come with updates showing themselves in glitzy settings, Suzy does seem to buck the trend somewhat. Suzy has also gone down an unusual route with a photoshoot of herself in natural waters and wearing a feather headdress as she pleaded with fans to pay attention to preserving the Amazon rainforest.

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