Tuesday’s ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Sasha Admits The Truth Under Pressure & Turns Nina’s World Upside Down

Todd WawrychukWalt Disney Television

General Hospital spoilers tease that Nina’s world will officially be turned upside down during Tuesday’s episode. Lulu stopped Nina and Valentin’s wedding to blurt out what she had learned about Sasha, but the show ended with everybody looking uncertain and perplexed. The sneak peek for the October 8 show reveals that there is more to come on this, and fans will not want to miss it.

As Monday’s episode ended, Lulu had told everybody gathered for the wedding that Sasha wasn’t Nina’s daughter. Nina was, as everybody would have expected, outraged that Lulu would say something like this. Lulu revealed that she learned this after overhearing a conversation between Liesl and Sasha, and Nina turned to ask Sasha to confirm that this claim was inaccurate.

The Inquisitr recently detailed some General Hospital spoilers about where this heads next. As the sneak peek shared, Sasha will get emotional as Nina asks her about Lulu’s allegation a second time. Sasha was seen getting emotional as this all erupts, and when Nina sees tears in Sasha’s eyes, she’ll realize that Lulu isn’t making this up.

The preview for Tuesday also showed Jordan and Curtis having a quiet conversation with one another, and it seems likely this is related to the Sasha bombshell as well. Curtis had been skeptical of Sasha when she first popped up, but he thought two seemingly independent DNA tests proved she was Nina’s daughter.

Jordan will mention to Curtis that someone had to be pulling the strings behind the scenes, and this conversation will probably lead the two of them to suspect that Valentin orchestrated all of this. According to Soap Central, Valentin will make it clear, soon, that he feels he is being treated unfairly.

It probably will not take long for Valentin to face allegations from others gathered for the wedding. General Hospital spoilers suggest that he will do his best to deny any involvement, determined to keep his relationship with Nina intact.

At this point, however, Sasha isn’t the only one who knows that Valentin concocted this scheme. She filled in Michael, Obrecht knows the truth, and Lulu suspects that Valentin engineered this. Curtis will surely figure it out quickly, and despite Valentin’s faux indignation, viewers suspect he’ll soon be facing Nina’s outrage over being manipulated like this.

Based on the General Hospital spoilers available via SheKnows Soaps, this situation won’t be entirely wrapped up and resolved within the next episode or two. In fact, teasers for next week indicate that Michael will feel worried as Valentin is surprised.

Michael is expected to stand by Sasha’s side as this progresses, and his worry may be related to Nelle’s upcoming parole hearing — or something else — rather than his girlfriend’s secret emerging. However, Valentin being stunned over something is almost certainly connected to whatever comes next on the Sasha front.

Will Nina turn on Valentin and Sasha after Lulu is proven right? General Hospital spoilers hint that Sasha may end up sticking around Port Charles, but she surely has a rocky road ahead of her. As for Nina, fans will be quite anxious to see where this heads next, and a great deal should be revealed on Tuesday.