December 21, 2014
Bill Cosby Paranoid? Disgraced Comedian Thinks CNN Wants To Destroy Him

Rape allegations against Bill Cosby have not subsided, and the public is increasingly pulling away from the man while people debate on whether the accusations are true. He hasn't said very much over the course of this controversy, but what little he has said hasn't done much to help his shriveling public image.

First, he made a borderline racist comment by declaring his belief that only the black media would give his scandal neutral coverage. Now he's firing at CNN with claims that the news network has it out for him. The New Pittsburgh Courier reports that CNN didn't air an interview with the former boyfriend of Beverly Johnson, and now Cosby's attorney is questioning their journalistic integrity.

Basically, Cosby and his attorney feel that CNN is only airing the point-of-view that the comedian is a serial rapist, and not anything that refutes the claims of the alleged victims. The attorney directly addressed the network's top brass with scathing criticism.

"This is further evidence that CNN has abandoned journalistic rigor on this story, blindly ignoring and deterring exculpatory information while essentially becoming a willing broadcast agent for any allegation about my client, seemingly from any accuser, without the slightest threshold or standard."

It should be noted that the only refuting Beverly Johnson's ex can do is admit that she never brought up the alleged incident with Bill Cosby to him during their relationship. At any rate, Cosby's attorney is using this opportunity to accuse the news network of going after his client to ruin his image. Why would CNN want to do that when mostly every other news source is covering this controversy?

These accusations from Cosby's camp come on the heels of reports revealing another accuser. 3 News out of New Zealand reports that a woman named Lisa has come forward to accuse the famed comedian of drugging her and possibly sexually assaulting her -- though the incident left her unconscious for two days, so she was unaware if she'd been raped or not.

So far, the number of women accusing Bill Cosby of drugging and/or raping them has climbed beyond 20, and at this point, it's anybody's guess whether that number will continue to climb. With the increase of that number, Cosby's anger at the media coverage has also increased. That doesn't appear to be anything new. The New York Times reported last month that the National Enquirer made a deal with the comedian in 2005 to refrain from publishing what was then a new accusation against him. He gave the tabloid rag an exclusive interview in exchange for their cooperation.

[Photo credit: The Daily Caller]