October 7, 2019
Lyna Perez Ditches Her Underwear In An Instagram Pic She Thinks Is 'Very Distracting' And Fans Agree

Lyna Perez knows exactly how to tease Instagram. The model and social media sensation may be one of the raciest girls on the platform, with a following that now sits at 4.1 million.

Lyna wasn't showing Instagram her "Bachelor's degree in twerking" today, but she gave fans an eyeful of that booty.

The Instagram photo showed Lyna outdoors and near some grass backed by railings. The model was photographed from behind as she appeared to turn around at just the right moment. She was seen flipping herself towards the camera as it snapped a cheeky-looking expression and a bit of a lifted skirt showcasing absolutely nothing in the way of underwear. The star was seen in a high-waisted white skirt with cute frills, although it was very small. Up top, Lyna was rocking a semi-sheer crop top with long sleeves. There's no denying what the focal point of the image was.

Everything about the photo seemed to be a little naughty. Lyna was seen with her hand to her mouth. Her caption really seemed to emphasize her cheeky sense of humor. The caption did suggest that Lyna thought that the unironed nature of the outfit might be a distraction for her fans – and it looks like they agree.

"Never!" one fan replied to the caption, although they added that "something else" was distracting them.

"I'm more distracted by your smile," another fan wrote.

"I'm distracted by something else," was another comment.

"Yeah, the wrinkles...that's what I was thinking was distracting...those big plump wrinkles," a fan jokingly wrote.
By and large, responses were humorous. Fans seemed to be loving Lyna's flirty snap – they especially seemed to like the fact that Lyna replied to some of her comments today. Instagram's faces aren't always too hot on fan interaction, but Lyna is into communicating with her followers.

Plenty more comments came in suggesting that fans agreed with Lyna's caption.

"Yes they are," one fan wrote about the mentioned "wrinkles."

Lyna mostly updates her social media in tiny bikinis that flaunt her incredible figure. The star does also take to her Instagram stories, where fans can stay up to date with Lyna in video mode. Videos don't appear on the star's account all that often. Then again, some of them have proved somewhat legendary amid Lyna's followers, with a video of Lyna dancing at Coachella racking up plenty of views.

Fans wishing to see more of Lyna should follow her Instagram.