Noah Cyrus Hangs Upside Down In Midair As She Appears In Her New Music Video ‘Lonely’

Matt WinkelmeyerGetty Images

At last, Noah Cyrus’ “Lonely” video arrived on October 7 after a week of anticipation from the time the tune dropped on September 28. The ambitious singer-songwriter has been regularly dropping social media hints about the contents of the fresh music video, with one Instagram post showing Miley Cyrus’ little sister mysteriously levitating.

Now that the video has been released, fans know that the story within the mini-movie is actually about a desperate and seemingly friendless woman who wants to be lifted up. She appeals to a number of men who are wearing choir robes, but the levitation happens without their physical help. At the end of the “Lonely” video, the robed men disappear, and Noah is left alone again and on the ground against a dreary gray background.

Noah and Simone Ridgell co-directed the video for which Simone provides specific details via Vents Magazine.

“‘Lonely’ is about vulnerability, trauma and dropping your facade, but also about human connection and finding strength among others. Lyrically, Noah’s music is always strikingly raw, and for this song, a video that reflects that is the only kind that could be justified to accompany it.”

Noah also took the time to comment on her latest release during the Vents interview.

“Sometimes there can be dozens of people around you but you still feel lonely. I wanted the video to show what it could really feel like.”

While the black-robed male choir members sourced through the music program at the Los Angeles LGBT Center make a circle around her, Noah’s out-of-control body that floats in the middle seems to be a metaphor for ultimate isolation, as the source claims.

Noah shared a portion of the “Lonely” video with her 5.3 million Instagram followers who had a lot to say about the musical offering. Within a couple of hours of being uploaded, the black-and-white clip enjoyed more than 115,000 likes while more than 500 fans spoke up in the comments section.

“Got the chills,” said actress Emma Kenney, who added a fire emoji to her enhance her words.

“Such a beautiful masterpiece,” remarked another fan.

“YOU’RE A LITERAL ANGEL,” shouted a third.

“Obsessed with this song,” stated a fourth follower, who added a black heart emoji for effect.

“Hey guys, if something is hurting or bothering you and you want to talk about it, dm me anytime,” proclaimed yet another fan who was obviously affected by the new video snippet Noah shared with her social media fans and followers.

To watch Noah Cyrus’ “Lonely” video, view the new release below or on YouTube. To keep up with what Miley’s talented 19-year-old sister is up to at any given time, follower her on Instagram.