'World's Sexiest DJ' Nata Lee Rocks A G-String & Completely See-Through Shirt, Setting Instagram On Fire

Nata Lee has caused a stir among her Instagram fans. The "World's Sexiest DJ" now comes with more than her music career to her name – the Russian recently had her fans gasping by opening her legs in sheer lingerie. While this shot saw the blonde in her bedroom as she rocked a dress, a more recent image from the social media sensation has seen her bare far more. Nata Lee took to Instagram two days ago with a photo that's racked up an astounding number of likes. Achieving 129,000 likes on a photo is pretty good for an Instagram face with 1.7 million followers.

Nata Lee's recent Instagram photo showed her outdoors, shot in profile. The blonde's killer body was on display in a very sexy and revealing ensemble that seemed to showcase the star's love of lingerie and sheer clothing. Fans saw Nata Lee's super-peachy booty in a light-colored G-string. the camera appearing to have perfectly captured her curves. The star's upper half was being showcased via a white shirt worn off-the-shoulder, the semi-transparent fabric offering up a tantalizing glimpse of her chest.

Nata Lee's post might have had some fans raving about the bombshell's hair and the quality photography, but a quick look at the 930-plus comments left on the European's snap suggests that she stole the show.

"Dude," one fan wrote.

"Wow. Simply wow," a second admirer remarked, seemingly taken aback.

"Absolutely amazing," another user added.

Then again, it did seem that one user had noticed the sleek photography. Their comment even mentioned the photographer Nata Lee had tagged in her caption.

"Is this the man! Obviously you're amazing, but his eye for composition and the perfect setting is incredible," said follower wrote.

For the most part, though, those replies were honing right in on Nata Lee herself.

"Body body," one fan exclaimed.

"Super hot babe," was another comment.

"I would love to be there with you beautiful," one wistful fan detailed.

"Do not need to light the fire at night. Just look at your pictures," wrote one particularly poetic follower, making it clear that they were taken with the DJ.

Nata Lee has since updated her account with a less racy photo of herself in a sexy white blazer dress, although a healthy dose of cleavage found in this image likely went down well with the blonde's fans.

Fans wishing to see more of Nata Lee should follow her Instagram account.