Kim Kardashian Posts Picture Of Herself And Daughter North Trying Out Clothes

On December 21, Kim Kardashian posted a picture of herself on her Twitter account. The photo shows Kim looking a bit disheveled with the caption, "yesterday... trying to pick out an outfit struggle."

Daughter North West was also in the picture trying on some of her mother's clothes. Kim and her husband Kanye West have been making headlines recently, with Kim's controversial Paper magazine cover coming out a while back, as well as rumors about a rocky relationship. Despite the rumors, however, the couple are determined to be doting parents to their adorable daughter.

Come Christmas, it seems North will not just be playing dress-up with Kim's expensive clothes. It's been reported that Kanye spent $74,000 on some Christmas gifts for North, including a $62,000 diamond-encrusted tiara.

The family was seen on Sunday, December 21 out and about for an outing in New York. Kanye wore a camouflage bomber jacket and grey jeans while North wore a matching jacket. It also seems that Kim finally overcame the struggle of picking out an outfit and was seen wearing a stylish sheer turtleneck top that showed a bit of her cleavage, coupled with a matching mini skirt and trench coat.

According to recent reports, West has been worried about his family's safety and even asked Kim to check in with him once every hour. A source for the Daily Star revealed,"Kim has one phone solely to use to ring and text Kanye. He calls it her 'security' phone."

The rumors about the couple's unhappy marriage stemmed from allegations that West was being controlling. However, Kanye's half-brother, Hal Carmichael, claims that the rap icon is only being controlling because he fears for Kim and North's safety.

"Kanye constantly worries about Kim and North because he knows the kidnap risk is high. Because of the lifestyle they lead, he has to think about it carefully nowadays," Carmichael said. "Kanye controls Kim, like where she travels and what she does, to protect her. He thinks the more the public see of them, the more at risk they are."

It's also been reported that according to Kanye's wishes, only a select few are allowed to look after North.

Kim recently lost around 1.3 million Instagram followers after what is being called "The Great Instagram Purge of 2014". She was only one of the celebrities who lost followers after Instagram decided to clean up their site and deleted inactive accounts, as well as spam accounts.

[Image via kimkardashian Instagram]