Devon Windsor Gets Wet In Seriously Tiny Bikini Bottoms In Sizzling Video

Emily Hutchinson

Devon Windsor is wading through the water in the tiniest pair of bikini bottoms in a new video posted to the official Instagram account of her popular swimwear line, Devon Windsor Swim. The clip, shared with fans on October 6, showed the flawless Victoria's Secret model making her way through the ocean while modeling one of the more skimpy looks from her range.

While walking through the blue ocean water, Windsor showed off a whole lot of skin in the black two-piece, which was made up of a tiny string triangle top and a pair of seriously high-waisted bottoms that stretched up to tie almost as high as her waist. The tiny bottoms left very little to the imagination, with just a tiny piece of black material attached to the two strings on either side of her hips.

Flashing her fit and toned body for the account's followers, Devon also sported a bandana on her head and a pair of dark square sunglasses over her eyes to protect her eyes from the summer sun during her beach trip.

She also accessorized her bikini with a chunky shell necklace wrapped around her neck as she walked along the water toward the camera for the beach video, which was taken to promote the range that was officially launched earlier this year.

As The Inquisitr also reported, the model gave her impressive 1.7 million followers a good look at all her hard work in the gym in a photo posted to her own account as she did a little sunbathing.

That sizzling snap, uploaded online on October 5, showed Devon lying on her back on the sand in a dark bikini. The supermodel left very little to the imagination as she avoided tan lines by untying one side of the skimpy bikini bottoms.

Speaking to Us Weekly about her swimwear venture in August, she revealed what makes her line so unique.

"An important aspect of the collection was to make it affordable and something that is not just your average triangle bikini," Devon shared.

"Because the pieces in my line do have a lot of design aspect," she continued, "you don't necessarily have to accessorize. It's an outfit in itself, without trying too hard."

"There is not just one 'Devon Windsor' customer, we want all women to find something that they love and feel confident wearing."