Ainsley Rodriguez Drives Fans Wild With A Sizzling Video That Includes Boxing & Bikinis

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Ainsley Rodriguez / Instagram

Fitness model Ainsley Rodriguez is no stranger to wowing Instagram. After all, it’s how the fitness model managed to develop a following of nearly 2 million fans, as well as start her own personal training business. However, her latest video might have just taken the cake, as it included everything that her fans love in what many were likening to a personal trailer.

Ainsley is not an average fitness model on Instagram, as she also encourages her followers to focus on mental health, overall wellness, and to even fun. Her proudly displayed mantra is “work hard, play hard.”

It appears from this latest video that Ainsley’s hard work has definitely paid off. The video opens with Ainsley dressed in a black sports bra and skintight gunmetal yoga pants. Above her shoulders rests a barbell.

It then cuts to the brunette beauty doing a crunch on a pull-up bar, with the camera zooming in on her washboard abs.

Ainsley is then seen doing a squat with the barbell, before it cuts to another ab shot, with Ainsley’s midriff glistening with sweat in a pair of white yoga pants this time around.

Going from sweat to sand, the video then shows an image of Ainsley by the ocean. The first shot is a close-up of Ainsley’s back, as she wears a green bikini. Next comes an image of Ainsley lying on a log that juts out into the water.

The video then cuts to show Ainsley doing a number of exercises, including squats and jumping rope, before showing a longer montage of the Miami stunner doing a series of boxing exercises.

After a quick clip of Ainsley running against a beautiful cityscape, it shows the model in a bikini once more, as she looks over her shoulder in the last frame of the video.

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You, have the power to take control and it all starts with your mind. Being obsessed with food and dieting doesn’t free you from them; it traps you in them. You never diet your way out of an issue or obsession, only you, yourself, dieted your way into it. Trust me I know because I’ve been there. – I’ve tried every diet in the book. I’ve counted calories, I’ve spent hours and hours in the gym. Skinny? Yes. Miserable and irritable? 100%. I thought achieving that ‘perfect’ body would make me happy. But it wasn’t going to. I was never going to feel thin enough or pretty enough. – For a successful sustainable longterm plan, the mind has to be in the right frame of mind first before thinking ‘diet or training’. Once the mind is in line, then focus and implement a lifelong sustainable diet and training strategy with a wide variety of food choices. – #WorkHardPlayHard ???????? DM your e???? for diet/training info ????????

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In under an hour, it was viewed over 31,000 times and earned over 10,000 likes. In addition, fans offered glowing comments, which tallied over 300.

“Best and better than ever,” commented a fan, adding a blushing smiley face.

“I’m so in love,” gushed an awestruck fan, with an applauding emoji.


“As always Ainsley you inspire many,” concluded a third, adding hallelujah hands.

In her caption, Ainsley reminded fans not to get trapped by diets or calorie counts, and to instead remember to get into the right frame of mind for their health. It is a mentality that has clearly served the brunette beauty well.

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Looking back at all the transformations I post I always get commended for doing such a great job with my clients BUT it’s THEM who put in the work! – At the end of the day, despite all we CAN do for others, the only person who can *truly* help you is yourself. The only one who can make a lasting and consistent change is YOU. ❤️⁣ ⁣- You can pay thousands of dollars for the best doctor or coach in the country, but it’s up to you to implement their guidance and advice. You can be given the recipe for success by someone at the top of their field, yet you still have to put in those hours of focus and dedication (yes, even when it feels boring and tedious). What most people see as an “overnight success” is usually years and years of small yet consistent actions that have added up and finally paid off in a snowball of a way.⁣ ⁣- I have been blessed to be able to work with and learn from some incredible professionals and I couldn’t have come this far without them, but every time I express my gratitude I also take time to thank myself. I am grateful that I’ve shown up, that I’ve given it my ALL every time whether it’s in the gym or elsewhere and that I’ve allowed myself to be vulnerable enough to admit that I need help when I do. I also had to realize that the tools I’ve been exposed to can only go so far, because it’s up to ME to continuously choose them day in and day out over the habits I’ve been stuck in for 28 years.⁣ -⁣ Above all, I’ve realized that most of this “work” and “growth” is about simply putting one foot in front of the other. It’s about showing up and doing SOMETHING because whatever you can get done is enough – you just have to TRY. If you start by doing one small thing that is repeated each day, you can achieve things you never imagined in no time. ????

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Over the weekend, Ainsley thrilled fans with another post where she posed in black sheer bodysuit and jeans, as covered by The Inquisitr.