Donald Trump Will Win 45 States If Democrats Impeach Him, White House Chief Of Staff Reportedly Believes

President Donald Trump speaks during an event at the Sharon L. Morse Performing Arts Center.
Joe Raedle / Getty Images

Acting White House Chief of Staff, Mick Mulvaney is convinced that President Donald Trump will win in 2020. If the Democratic-controlled House of Representatives impeaches the president, according to Mulvaney, he will win 45 states.

This is what the official has recently been telling members of the White House staff, according to a new report from Axios.

Those that have heard Mulvaney make this claim say that he is completely serious.

“He appears to genuinely believe that impeachment will have a profoundly positive effect on Trump’s political fortunes, according to three sources who have heard Mulvaney make the 45-state prediction.”

For Mulvaney, according to individuals familiar with his thinking, impeachment would be a true blessing. The official believes that the longer the process drags on, the better it is for Trump, who is guaranteed to win in a historic landslide.

It remains unclear which five states Mulvaney believes Trump will lose in 2020, and his view appears to be based on pure instinct since no polling data suggests that the president could win by such an enormous margin.

Furthermore, it remains unclear which party will benefit more from impeachment — if the House indeed votes on it — so responsible forecasters have refrained from making predictions.

Not everyone in the Trump orbit is of the opinion that impeachment would help the president. Some think that the inquiry moving forward could actually harm his chances in 2020.

However, as Axios notes, Mulvaney is an influential voice in the White House and someone who interacts with the president on a daily basis.

In public appearances and media interviews, Trump has signaled confidence, appearing unfazed by the fact that the House is moving forward with impeachment.

That is reportedly not his private position.


During a phone call with House Republicans on Friday, he reportedly said that impeachment is a “bad thing to have on your resume,” suggesting that it could permanently stain his legacy.

Despite that, Trump believes that impeachment would help the Republican Party win in 2020. Not only would the GOP keep the White House, but the party would win back the lower chamber of Congress, the commander-in-chief allegedly thinks.

It remains to be seen whether or not the House will vote to impeach Trump, but even if it does, the Republican-controlled Senate would almost certainly not convict him.

The upper chamber is obliged to hold a trial, however, given that the GOP does not have a super-majority, which has irked some prominent Trump supporters.

Tom Fitton, the president of the right-wing group Judicial Watch, recently urged Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to use the “nuclear option” and kill the Senate trial.